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Who is? Unblocked Games Premium

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Guess the Hidden Word in Social Deduction Game Who Is?

Clever Questions and Answers Reveal the Answer

Exercise your deductive reasoning in Who Is?, the wildly fun social word guessing game now on Unblocked Games Premium. In each round, one player is secretly assigned a hidden word. Through clever questioning and answers, deduce the word before time runs out! With diverse word banks, creativity rewarded, and easy video chat play, Who Is? is perfect for game nights with friends.

Take Turns Asking Creative Questions

On your turn, craft intriguing questions that hint at the hidden word, like "Can I eat it?" or "Is it man-made?" The word holder can only respond with "Yes", "No", or "Maybe" as clues. Follow-up questions based on those answers let you deduct the solution. With over 800 words across categories, creativity is key!

Diverse Word Banks

Who Is? features numerous themed word banks so play stays fresh, including Animals, Movies & TV, Food & Drink, Historic Figures, and more. Or choose Random to pull words from all categories. With new word banks added regularly, there's endless variety.

Compete in Versus and Co-Op Modes

In Versus, players race to correctly guess the word first, earning points towards becoming the Who Is? champ. In Co-Op mode, work together by conferring on questions to uncover the word as a team. Both modes deliver fun competition!

Video Chat Makes It a Social Affair

Connecting with friends or family on a video chat service while playing makes Who Is? feel like an in-person party game. See everyone's reactions as clever questions reveal the hidden word. The social interactions, inside jokes, and laughter make the experience.

Quick and Engaging Gameplay

With game lengths under 5 minutes, Who Is? is perfect for short bursts of fun. As the questioner, it rewards creative inquiries. As the word holder, you'll be challenged to bend the truth mischievously. Short playtimes keep the energy high throughout.

Bring Game Night Online

With its guessing game fun, numerous word banks, and easy online play with video chat, Who Is? is perfect for virtual game nights, families staying connected, or just casual fun with friends. Play free on PC and mobile devices today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players does Who Is? support?
Online and local support 2-8 players. Ideal for 4-6 players.

Can you play Who Is? offline single player?
Offline bots are not supported currently. Multiplayer is the core focus.

Is there built-in voice/video chat?
No, but it's designed for use with external chat services like Discord.

Are certain word banks better for kids versus adults?
Yes, some banks like Movies skew older. Animals is very family-friendly.

How many words are currently available?
Over 800 words total across a growing number of categories.

Who is?


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