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Wave Rider Unblocked Games Premium

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Pull Off Aerial Stunts in Extreme Wave Rider


Experience extreme water sports action in Wave Rider, where you hit the high seas on your hydro jetboard performing death-defying aerial tricks for points. With addictively simple controls but physics-based gameplay demanding precision, it provides aquatic acrobatic fun for all thrillseeking wave junkies.

How to Play

In Wave Rider, you must carefully balance your surfer by shifting their weight using the left and right arrow keys to stay upright and catch air off ramps. As you fly, input trick combinations using the 1-4 keys before landing smoothly.

Time movements precisely to chain together huge combos. Handling tougher boards takes practice as speeds pick up. Wipe out too hard and you’ll lose precious seconds. Compete across courses littered with obstacles to post the fastest time.

With a feel reminiscent of classic EA Sports titles, Wave Rider delivers that iconic risk-reward adrenaline rush. Develop your own style pulling off wicked wave tricks with finesse for maximum points and satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Over a dozen dynamic aquatic courses across scenic environments.

  • Hundreds of possible aerial trick combinations to master.

  • Unlockable playable characters with varying speed and balance.

  • Local competitive multiplayer for racing and high score battles.

  • Daily challenges and global leaderboards for earning cash rewards.

Vintage 3D Visuals

Wave Rider utilizes a deliberately retro low-polygonal aesthetic reminiscent of PlayStation 1-era sports games. The dynamic camera work accentuates tricks.

A mix of chill electronic tracks and energetic rock anthems provides motivation shredding across the waves. Wipeouts make a heavy satisfying splash. Crisp sound design sells the physics impacts.

Development History and Reception

Created by solo developer Vincent Nadeau, Wave Rider initially launched on mobile before arriving on PC and consoles in 2020. Its uncomplicated mobile-friendly controls combined with console-quality physics won wide acclaim.

Critics praised Wave Rider's addictive gameplay loop of pushing for ever-higher trick combos and scores. Despite simplistic graphics, deep controls provided plenty of challenge on the path to mastery.

Technical Details and Performance

Thanks to Unity engine support, Wave Rider plays smoothly in browser without needing installation. Visual settings can be adjusted to optimize weaker hardware.

Controls are fully customizable supporting touch, keyboard/mouse and gamepads. Ensure Flash is enabled. Some users report occasional dropped inputs during complex trick chains.

Similar Extreme Sports Games

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For more fluid stunt games, Rider Online and Jetboard Joust pit players against dynamic waves across courses. Skater XL offers extensive trick systems.

The Future of Wave Rider

Now available on a wide range of platforms, the developer considers Wave Rider content complete and continues polishing and adding small DLC expansions based on player feedback.

Potential updates mentioned include new competitive multiplayer modes, courses, board customization options, and trick types to master. Ports to new consoles and VR devices could provide engaging ways to experience the wave riding rush.


What is the best control scheme?

Keyboard or gamepad offers the most precise trick execution. Touchscreen is more accessible but can miss inputs during complex combos.

Does performance change based on character?

Yes, each character has varying speed, balance, and trick capabilities that suit different playstyles and courses.

Can I disable wipeout collisions?

No, bails and crashes are central to the risk-reward dynamic. But learning safer tricks and balance prevents most slams.

Is there a tutorial or practice mode?

Yes, the first course teaches basics and the menu lets you replay it. Other courses also start simpler before introducing trickier terrain.

Do courses change between races?

No, they remain static for fair score comparisons, though weather effects randomize wave patterns somewhat.

Grab Your Board and Ride the Waves

If you seek an addictively fun on-the-go extreme sports game, Wave Rider delivers stylish stunts in spades. Now tighten up those tricks, find your flow, and get ready to pull off the perfect line shredding these seas to victory. Cowabunga - it's time to catch big air!

Wave Rider


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