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Master Color-Matching Puzzles in Water Sort

500+ Relaxing Physics Puzzles to Keep Your Brain Engaged

Flex your color-coordinating skills in Water Sort, the soothing physics-based puzzle game now on Unblocked Games Premium. Start each mind-bending level with pipes, valves, and machines in disarray. Rearrange and reconnect them to guide colorful water into the correctly colored basins. With intuitive drag and drop controls, and increasingly complex puzzles that will push you to think outside the box, Water Sort is a must-play for fans of flow-based puzzles.

Satisfying Pipe Drag and Drop Mechanics

Thanks to its responsive drag and drop controls, rearranging pipes and valves in Water Sort feels great. Just click, drag, and release pieces where you want them to create paths and connections. Indicators let you preview paths as you build. Seamlessly directing liquid flows with your cursor is immersive and gratifying.

Hundreds of Puzzles and New Mechanics

Water Sort eases you in gently before ramping up the puzzle complexity. Redirecting water across multiple paths quickly becomes challenging. New elements like valve switches, movable walls, teleporters, and more get introduced regularly to test your logic from all angles. With over 500 handcrafted puzzles, Water Sort will push your powers of deduction!

Optional Objectives for Added Challenge

Solving each puzzle's core goal of redirecting water into the correctly colored basins is just the beginning. Optional objectives like completing levels under a certain number of moves or generating enough momentum to raise a lift add extra layers of difficulty. Perfectionists will be hooked replaying levels.

Soothing Music and Visuals

From the soft ambient soundtrack to the bright, soft-edged cartoon visuals, everything about Water Sort exudes calm. The pleasing sounds of gurgling and flowing water coupled with the methodical drag and drop gameplay makes this the perfect laidback puzzler to enjoy over morning coffee or to unwind after a long day.

Hints and Assists For All Skill Levels

Stuck on a puzzle? Use handy built-in hints ranging from simple nudges to full solutions. Or enable Assist Mode options like path previews and unlimited undos for a more relaxed experience. Water Sort offers enough help for anyone to progress at their own pace.

Endlessly Satisfying Puzzles

With its sizable collection of physics-based pipe puzzles and zen essence, Water Sort is easy to get lost in. Immerse yourself in hours of color-coordinating challenges today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Water Sort receive new levels?
The developers release fresh puzzle packs every 2-3 weeks.

Can I play Water Sort offline?
Yes, offline play is fully supported. You'll miss out on leaderboards though.

Does it have controller support?
Not currently, but controller support is planned based on player feedback.

Is there a way to share my solutions?
You can copy puzzle codes to share solutions with friends!

What are the system requirements for PC?
Most modern computers can run it. Minimum is i3 CPU and Intel HD 4000 graphics.

Water Sort


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