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Outrace Rivals in Wacky Two Punk Racing


Get ready for over-the-top arcade racing action in Two Punk Racing. Select your goofy vehicle, customize its looks and performance parts, then compete on chaotic courses filled with missiles, bombs, oil slicks, and other tools of destruction. Leave pole position in the dust - the only rule here is mayhem.

How to Play

In Two Punk Racing, speed alone won't cut it. You'll need to cleverly utilize weapons and powerups to sabotage opponents while navigating the treacherous terrain. Grab speed boosts, launch homing missiles to gain the edge, and activate shields for defense.

Smash through breakable walls to find shortcuts. Master powersliding for tighter turns. Time nitro boosts perfectly on jumps for huge air. Play smart and drive dirty - the only rule is that there are no rules in your quest for first place.

With a riotous array of equippable missile types, deployable traps, and destructive environments, each race in Two Punk Racing is total nonstop chaos. Leave nothing to chance in your quest for the gold!

Key Features

  • Over-the-top arcade driving physics for drifting, jumps, and crashes

  • 12 racecourses containing hidden paths and destructible elements

  • 25+ equippable missile and trap types to customize your arsenal

  • Local competitive split-screen multiplayer for racing friends

  • Extensive career mode with tuning, upgrades, and new vehicles

  • Garage editor for modifying paint jobs, decals, and car parts

Zany Low Poly Visuals

The entire look of Two Punk Racing is crafted from stylized low-poly models reminiscent of PlayStation 1 classics. Vehicles appear cobbled together from random spare parts and duct tape.

Upbeat punk rock music suits the rebellious vibe and high-speed racing action. Engines rev aggressively and explosions rock the landscape. The presentation matches the addictively chaotic gameplay.

Development History and Reception

Created by indie studio Bearded Giant Games, Two Punk Racing first arrived on PC in early access in 2017 before reaching completion in 2020. Its over-the-top arcade action stood out in a crowded genre.

Critics praised the varied course layouts rewarding mastery and risky maneuvers over pure speed. Weapon and powerup balance in particular won acclaim for providing deep strategy without overly punishing newcomers.

Technical Details and Performance

Thanks to Unity engine support, Two Punk Racing runs well in browser without needing installation. Visual settings can be adjusted to optimize weaker hardware performance. Controls are fully customizable.

Reliable internet connection is advised for best multiplayer results and leaderboard speed, but offline play is fully supported. Some users report occasional slowdown during graphical explosions.

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The Future of Two Punk Racing

Now available on multiple platforms, the developer considers Two Punk Racing content complete and continues support through optimizations and balance adjustments based on player data.

Potential smaller DLC could add new vehicles, levels, and equippable missile types. Additional multiplayer arena modes might provide extra staying power. But the core formula remains addictively fun and could entertain racing fans for years unmodified.


What is the best race strategy?

Memorize course layouts, find shortcuts, drift judiciously to maintain speed, and time powerups for maximum sabotage against rivals nearing your position.

Can I disable weapon pickups and race purely on speed?

No, the chaotic combat is central to gameplay currently. Some fans agree to "truce" matches ignoring weapons.

How many racers compete at once?

Local multiplayer allows 2-4 players. Online races can reach up to 10 human opponents but average 6 for performance. AI bots fill remaining slots.

Does Two Punk Racing have a single-player story campaign?

Yes, extensive career events with tuning, new cars, and unique challenges provide great solo content alongside multiplayer.

Are user-created tracks supported?

Not yet, but the developer has expressed interest in modding and level editor tools for building custom races.

Leave Your Competition in the Dust

Now start your engines, prime your missiles, and prepare for explosive no-holds-barred racing insanity. With creativity and skill, you'll leave rival punk racers choking on smoke and shrapnel. Just be sure to also enjoy the carnage! Pedal down - let's ride!

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