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Experience Over-the-Top Tank Mayhem in Total Recoil

Wacky Multiplayer Tank Battles with Dozens of Maps and Modes

Get ready for explosive tank warfare insanity in Total Recoil, the cartoonishly chaotic PvP tank game now on Unblocked Games Premium. Journey across dozens of dynamic battlefields littered with hazards and powerups. Equip tons of whacky weapons and items for your miniature tank. With easy to grasp driving and shooting, jump into the over-the-top action right away!

Accessible Tank Handling and Firing

Despite their weighty appearance, the chunky tanks in Total Recoil handle responsively. WASD driving and mouse turret aiming make picking up basic controls intuitive. Mastering drifting, dodging enemy fire, and landing your own shots takes practice. But Total Recoil ensures anyone can start blowing stuff up fast.

An Arsenal of Zany Weapons

Mix and match from over 50 weapons like laser blasters, grenade launchers, lightning guns, and leaf blowers for comical destruction. Mine tracks, set traps, or obliterate opponents with orbital death rays and other silly armaments. With randomized drops, you never know what outrageous guns you'll wield each match!

Wild Powerups

Gain a temporary edge in battle using wacky powerups dotted around maps. Unleash thundering tornados, sprout defensive cactus shields, turn invisible to sneak around, temporily grow massive in size, and much more. With over 35 powerups, the possibilities are endless!

Competitive Game Modes

Blast your buddies in chaotic free-for-alls or team skirmishes in classic multiplayer. Dive into objective-based match types like Capture the Flag or King of the Hill for tactical play. Over a dozen modes provide replayable fun in the cartoonish carnage.

Expansive Customization

Make your war machine feel unique with tons of cosmetic skins, decals, victory dances, and tank parts. Display your personal style alongside leveled-up medals and rankings earned through skilled play. With almost weekly new content drops, fresh tanks parts abound!

Nonstop Explosive Fun

From its delightfully simple tank controls to over-the-top weaponry, Total Recoil delivers constant accessible action with a humorous twist. Ready your treads and bring the mayhem today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Total Recoil have splitscreen or local co-op?
Yes, 2 player splitscreen is supported to play on the same device!

What are the system requirements for PC?
Most modern PCs can run it fine. Minimum is a dual core CPU and Intel HD 3000 graphics.

Can I use a controller instead of keyboard?
Absolutely, both gamepads and keyboard+mouse are fully supported.

Is team voice chat supported?
Voice chat is limited to private lobbies to prevent harassment.

Does Total Recoil have any pay-to-win mechanics?
Nope, all gear and cosmetics can be unlocked just by playing regularly!

Total Recoil


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