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Engage In Competitive 8 Player Dogfights in Topguns IO


Take to the skies and prove your aerial combat prowess in Topguns IO, a multiplayer airplane battle arena for up to 8 players. Select from a hangar of uniquely statted aircraft, then face off to be the last pilot flying. Chase down targets in free flight or play team variants - no flight experience needed to enjoy these accessible dogfighting duels. Unblocked Games Premium now offers this mid-air PvP playground. Climb aboard and let the battles commence!

Core Gameplay

Each match of Topguns IO first allows choosing one of several available fighter jets or prop planes. Stats like speed, health, and weapons vary between aircraft. Once the match starts, use WASD or arrow keys to fly and the mouse to aim/shoot. Deplete other pilots' health to destroy their planes while avoiding enemy fire yourself.

Aircraft respawn until the match time limit or kill limit hits. The pilot with the highest score at the end wins! Flight mechanics are simplified for accessibility but still capture the thrill of maneuvering for position and lining up airborne attacks.

Multiplayer Modes

Topguns IO features competitive 1v1 duels, but the gameplay really shines when all 8 planes engage in fierce free-for-all battles. Try out Squad Mode too, which divides players into two teams. Communicating to establish air superiority and coordinate kills becomes key here. No matter what mode you play, expect high-flying arcade action.

Aircraft Variety

An impressive selection of over 10 pilots and planes provides gameplay variety. Light nimble fighters offer speed but weak defense. Lumbering bombers have heavy firepower but limited mobility. Find favorites that match your playstyle. Upgrades like burst-fire cannons, missile salvos, and more can be unlocked through play as well.

Development History and Background

Created by Brazilian game studio DoubleMoose, Topguns IO originated as a mobile game in 2016 before being ported to browsers. The simple aerial PvP premise combined with Free-to-Play progression and social features made Topguns a breakout hit. Regular content updates and tournaments help maintain an active playerbase in love with taking rival pilots down.

Reviews and Reception

Fans consistently praise Topguns IO for distilling competitive dogfighting down to its pure fun essence. The cute super-deformed plane designs contribute to a lighthearted tone perfect for some casual carnage. Approachable handling also ensures beginners can dive right into the action.


Take off and engage in accessible 8 player aerial battles in Topguns IO! Maneuver a growing roster of unique fighter planes, aim your cannons, unleash missiles, and employ clever team tactics. Simple controls capture dogfight excitement without complex flight simulation. Wheels up and rendezvous in the arena - fighter pilot fun awaits on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a joystick to play?

No, you can control planes easily with keyboard or mobile touch.

Is there single player vs bots?

Currently Topguns is multiplayer only against other people.

Can you unlock new abilities?

Yes, playing to level up awards new plane variants, weapons, and upgrades.

Is teamwork important?

In Squad and other teamplay modes, cooperation is key to victory.

How long do matches take?

The default length is 5 minutes, but can vary based on mode settings.

Blast your friends out of the skies today - play Topguns IO now on Unblocked Games Premium!



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