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Chop Trees and Make a Splash in Timber Guy


Get ready for lumberjack laughter in Timber Guy, a goofy physics game challenging you to chop animated trees and create hilarious log-rolling calamities. Using a simple one-button control scheme, players strategically target key trunks and branches to drop logs into crazy chain reactions. Watch Timber Guy wobble, bounce, and fling logs with reckless abandon across 36 woodsy levels. With imaginative interactive environments, Timber Guy captures the anarchic fun of felling trees like few other physics games can.

Gameplay Overview

In each level of Timber Guy, logs and trees wait stacked and ready for chopping. Click/tap any trunk segment to make your lumberjack swing his axe, severing that part. Chop judiciously to drop logs where their rolling, spinning, and splashing will cause maximum chaos.

Some levels task you to flatten a deranged outhouse, smash a parked car, or flatten the lumberjack himself in cartoonish fashion. Later levels integrate vehicles, ramps, springboards and other elements for complex sequences. Discover ways to creatively vandalize the lively world through selective chopping.

Silly Physics Humor

The joy of Timber Guy comes from the hilarious havoc that unfolds after each chop. Watching logs pinball wildly off angles or send Timber Guy crashing uncontrollably into water hazards never gets old. Everything interacts realistically thanks to advanced physics, but with a heavy dose of slapstick exaggeration too.

Whimsical touches like the trees yelling in protest when cut down make Timber Guy a laugh riot. The inviting hand-drawn art style rounds out a gameplay experience that is wholly lighthearted.

Level Progression

Timber Guy gradually increases the complexity across 36 levels spanning forest camps, sawmills, rivers, and more. New environmental elements are introduced slowly while difficulty ramps up. Optional objectives offer additional challenge like achieving destruction in under 10 chops. There's plenty of variety to keep woodsy mayhem fresh from start to finish.

Development History

Timber Guy originated from a 48-hour game jam in 2013 before being expanded into a full release by Swedish indie studio AppQuantum. Their goal was crafting an inviting physics game centered purely around fun rather than realistic simulation. Based on Timber Guy's runaway success, they achieved that goal in spades.

Reviews and Reception

Critics consistently praise Timber Guy’s friendly presentation and joyful sense of humor. The inviting graphics, smiling trees, and absurd ragdoll animations make even the guy taking axes to the face seem not just painless, but downright fun. This warmth gives Timber Guy universal appeal.


Smile as you chop down dancing trees and send logs crashing into Timber Guy himself in this feel-good physics game. With easy pick-up-and-play controls yet deep interactive possibilities, Timber Guy delivers woodsy fun and laughter for all ages. Available now in your browser at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls?

Click/tap trees to chop them. No other controls are needed.

How long does it take to complete?

Around 2-3 hours to finish all 36 levels based on your skill.

Is there a way to reset or restart levels?

Yes, a restart button lets you instantly reset the full level.

Can I earn stars or rewards?

Yes, optional objectives allow you to earn up to 3 stars per level.

Is there a creative sandbox mode?

No, but there are lots of interactive elements to toy with across the many levels.

Chop your way to chaotic fun - play Timber Guy today at Unblocked Games Premium!

Timber Guy


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