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Test Your Reflexes in Addicting Reaction Game Thwack

Fend Off Ridiculous Attacks Using Lightning Fast Reflexes

Prepare to push your reaction times to the limit in Thwack, the outrageously fun reflex-tester game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Dash back and forth deflecting everything from runaway trains to massive swinging hammers as they come hurtling towards you with split-second timing. With increasingly intense reflex challenges and purposefully wacky attacks, Thwack will have you laughing even as you frantically flail your arms.

Straightforward Two-Button Defense

Thankfully, defending yourself in Thwack only takes two buttons. Hit left arrow or A to dash left, and right arrow or D to dash right. But nailing the microsecond timing needed to dodge and deflect the barrage of bizarre junk flying your way takes lightning-quick reactions. You’ll be throwing yourself left and right constantly in frantic fun.

Over 50 Absurd Obstacles

As you progress through Thwack’s stages, be prepared to confront a downright silly array of obstacles, from giant swinging sausages to aggressive sentient doors. The sheer randomness of each object coupled with their deceptively quick speed puts your reflexes through their paces. Things only get more intense from there!

Multiple Wacky Game Modes

Variety is the spice of life in Thwack. Swat objects coming from both sides in Classic mode or radically shift perspective in Trippy mode. Target-specific objects in Collector mode. With varied modes and modifiers, Thwack’s replayability is endless.

Charm and Personality in Spades

From the hilarious animations of each random object you deflect to the motivational coach egging you on with rhyming cheers, Thwack exudes an infectious charm and quirky sense of humor. Whirring grinder noises, boings, and other exaggerated sound effects add to the wackiness. Thwack is easily one of the most grin-inducing reflex testers around.

Compare Reflexes on Global Leaderboards

See how your reaction times stack up against Thwack players worldwide on the realtime leaderboards. Compete with friends and rivals for the best rank by lasting longer against escalating obstacles. With millions of players, competition is fierce!

Master the Madness Today

If you’re seeking an addicting, fast-paced challenge that will make you cackle while pushing your reflexes to their limits, Thwack delivers. Get ready to thwack some objects today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thwack have seizure warnings for flashing effects?
Yes, it has seizure warnings when first launching the game.

What are the PC system requirements?
Most modern computers can run it smoothly. Minimum is 4GB RAM and an Intel iGPU.

Can I use a controller instead of keyboard?
Yes, game controllers are fully supported! Bind dashing to shoulder buttons.

Is there a way to disable distracting backgrounds?
Yes, you can toggle a minimal mode in settings to remove backgrounds.

How often does Thwack add new content?
The developers release new obstacles and modes approximately every 1-2 months.



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