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Think you have the answers? Prove it by tackling the outrageously absurd trivia of The Impossible Quiz. This wacky quiz game bombards players with 110 rapid-fire multiple choice questions ranging from silly to downright diabolical. Expect intentionally misleading wordplay, pop culture references, logic puzzles, and sheer randomness designed to stump even savvy players. With lives limited, the pressure is on to decipher The Impossible Quiz’s unconventional humor and logic.

Gameplay Overview

Each level of The Impossible Quiz presents a question with multiple answer choices. Select what you believe the correct (or most plausible) answer is within a short time limit. Be careful though - answers that seem obvious are often traps, while the real solution relies on lateral thinking or spotting subtle clues.

Progressing through the quiz requires pattern recognition and deductive skills rather than pure trivia knowledge. Later questions build on earlier ones, challenging you to connect concepts. If you select wrong or fail to answer fast enough, one of your limited lives is lost. How far can you progress before running out of lives?

Zany Questions

Questions in The Impossible Quiz range from absurd:

"What color is a green orange?"

To thinly veiled innuendo:

"Fannybaws. What's that when it's at home?"

Pop culture, wordplay, crude humor, and utter weirdness blends together, keeping players guessing. Pay close attention to the exact phrasing - even the smallest details can completely change a question’s meaning. Expect to be fooled, frustrated, and hopefully amused.

Power-Ups and Hazards

Various power-ups can replenish lost lives or instantly skip tricky questions. Look out for helpful rewards after correctly answering combos of questions. However, make the wrong choice and you may lose lives or spin a deadly prize wheel as punishment. Surviving The Impossible Quiz requires balancing logic and risk.

Development History

Created by British developer Splapp-Me-Do, the original Impossible Quiz launched online in 2007 and quickly grew a cult following for its unorthodox questions and humor. Numerous sequels and spin-offs have arrived over the years, but the classic original quiz still provides outlandish brilliance.

Reception and Reviews

Fans praise The Impossible Quiz for flipping trivia game expectations on their heads and encouraging lateral thinking. The questions reward those able to get on the game’s silly wavelength. As one Steam reviewer states:

“This quiz is so addictive and fun, I keep coming back to beat my high scores. The questions seem unfair at first but have an internal logic you pick up on.”


The Impossible Quiz lives up to its name with 110 infuriatingly tricky multiple choice questions designed to thwart and amuse in equal measure. Exercise unconventional logic muscles and dive into its zany sense of humor when you play this classic browser game now at Unblocked Games Premium. How far can you get before running out of lives? Take on the ultimate trivia challenge today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skip certain questions? Yes! Using Skip power-ups allows you to bypass extra tricky ones.

Does the quiz change each attempt? No, the questions stay set in the same order every time.

Can I earn hints? No hints are provided - you have to decipher the twisted logic yourself!

How long does it take to finish? Expect 1-2 hours to conquer all 110 questions across multiple attempts.

Is there a two player mode? No, only single player currently, but you can take turns and compare scores.

Outsmart the absurd trivia of The Impossible Quiz today - play it free now on Unblocked Games Premium!

The Impossible Quiz


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