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Escape Deadly Perils in Temple Runner


Evade giant boulders, leap bottomless chasms, and flee demonic monstrosities in Temple Run, the hit endless running game now available to play free online at Unblocked Games Premium. As an adventurer who unwisely snatched an ancient relic, you’ll sprint through crumbling ruins while overcoming lethal traps and frightful creatures hot on your heels. With simple swipe controls and emergent environments, Temple Run provides white-knuckle action until your inevitable demise. How far can you survive?

Core Gameplay

In Temple Run, players must continuously swipe up, down, left or right to maneuver their runner between obstacles and around sharp turns. Leaping at just the right moments is crucial to clear gaps or pass safely under low ceilings. One missed swipe sends your character face-first into stone walls or tumbling into the abyss.

As you run, the camera perspective shifts dynamically, keeping the action intense. Graspings hands reach, cursed statues fire lasers, and an ominous demonic overlord pursues, hungry for the stolen relic you carry. Just how long can your luck and reflexes hold out?


Scattered along the procedurally generated temple are power-ups to aid your escape. Coins grant a faster running speed. Magnets pull in bonus gems from the sides of the path. Potions make you briefly invulnerable to hazards. Use these tools wisely – you’ll need every advantage possible up against the temple’s lethal threats.

Scoring and Achievements

Temple Run tracks your distance survival, awarding new high scores for reaching farther than before. Collecting coins and gems during runs also accumulates to unlock fun cosmetic character costumes. With achievements for pulling off specific maneuvers, there are plenty of challenges to pursue.

Development History

Created by Imangi Studios, Temple Run was an early standout success in the app store, topping charts shortly after its 2011 debut. Its simple swipe-based controls and procedurally generated obstacle courses made short burst play perfect for mobile. Various sequels have enhanced the formula with new graphics and social features.

Reviews and Reception

The original Temple Run is still regarded for executing the infinite runner concept so effectively its DNA is embedded throughout the genre. Players highlight the dangerously addictive “one more run” appeal resulting from always believing you can react quicker and survive longer.


Take a heart-pounding dash away from deadly traps and demonic evil in Temple Run! With easy to pick up swipe controls, reactive environments, and endless high score chasing, it delivers a thrilling mobile gaming experience. Play the hit that started the endless running craze now on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls?
Swipe screen or use arrow keys to maneuver left/right and jump.

Does the environment stay the same? No, each run features random trap and obstacle variations.

Can I fight the enemies chasing me? No, running is your only means of escape - there is no attacking.

Is there an ending? No, you run until eventually crashing into an obstacle or falling off the path.

Are there checkpoints or lives? No, each game is one continuous run. Power-ups provide temporary aid.

Dash for your life infinitely in Temple Run – play the smash hit mobile game free now on Unblocked Games Premium!

Temple Runner


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