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Dodge Deadly Traps in Temple of Boom


Enter the spiked corridors of doom in Temple of Boom, a retro-styled arcade game challenging players to avoid traps and make split-second leaps of faith. As a intrepid explorer, you’ll dash deeper through a temple filled with spike pits, arrow traps, boulders, and other instant-death obstacles. With one-tap controls and zero room for error, only cat-like reflexes will see you safely through the Temple of Boom’s many perils.

Core Gameplay

In Temple of Boom, players guide their adventurer by tapping the screen or spacebar to jump. That’s it! But perfect jump timing is crucial to dodge rotating spikes, leap over pits precisely, or clear laser tripwires. Hazards come fast and furious, demanding lightning fast reactions.

Reach checkpoints to bank progress before slamming into an obstacle and exploding into 8-bit gore. Can you overcome all hazards to emerge from the temple safely? Survival is unlikely, but try your skills against fiendish procedural level generation.

Evolving Traps and Themes

While spikes and pits make up early challenges, the temple unveils fresh sadistic traps as you delve deeper. Flamethrower turrets roast the careless. Giant crushing blocks provide minimal safe openings. Lasers stun your character, making the next trap inescapable. Study each hazard closely to discover the proper timing or path to pass unharmed.

The temple’s architecture and music also evolve the further you survive. Eerie darkness envelops you, with ambient sounds putting nerves on edge before traps spring. Despite pixelated graphics, the atmosphere is intensely immersive.

Daily Challenges

If gameplay variety is the spice of death, try Daily Challenges for a new deathtrap gauntlet each day. Specific traps may be more plentiful, keeping you on your toes. Compare times against other players for bragging rights if you manage to set a record before your inescapable demise.

Development History

Created by indie studio Holy Cow Productions, Temple of Boom drew inspiration from cruel 1980s platformers like Ghosts n’ Goblins. Sadistic level design is used not to frustrate, but provide intense challenge as a raw test of reflexes. Players feel accomplishment in each small gain. Temple of Boom’s difficulty curve hits that sweet spot between impossible yet intimately rewarding.

Reviews and Reception

Critics praised Temple of Boom’s demanding gameplay as perfect for unreliable mobile play. With runs lasting under a minute typically, it provides excitement in bite-sized bursts. Fans agreed, highlighting the “just one more attempt” compulsiveness resulting from always believing you can react a split second faster.


Leap into a deadly dungeon of traps and hazards in Temple of Boom! Split-second reflexes are mandatory to dodge pits, spikes, lasers, and other instant-death threats. With simple controls but demanding challenge, can you escape the Temple of Boom alive? Take the plunge now for free on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls? Tap the screen or hit spacebar/W key to jump. That's it!

Is there multiplayer? No, Temple of Boom is single player only currently.

Can I attack or destroy traps? No, jumping is your only means of avoidance.

How long does a game take? Games last 30 seconds to a few minutes before inevitable death.

Can I earn power-ups or gear? No, your character's abilities stay the same throughout.

Dodge death seconds longer in Temple of Boom’s deadly depths – play now on Unblocked Games Premium!

Temple of Boom


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