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Wage All-Out Tank Warfare in Tank Trouble


Rev up for intense tank battles in the classic multiplayer game Tank Trouble. Select a colorful tank, arm yourself with a cannon and missiles, then wage all-out cartoon warfare against up to three opponents. With straightforward controls and explosive action, Tank Trouble is easy to pick up but hard to master. Outmaneuver friends and blast them to smithereens in this legendary browser game now playable free on Unblocked Games Premium.

Core Gameplay

Each round of Tank Trouble begins with players positioned at the corners of the arena. Simultaneously, everyone controls their tank to grab powerups, take strategic positions, and open fire! The tank with cannons aimed uses their mouse/touchscreen to adjust trajectory and blast projectiles. Either way, frantic maneuvering and quick shooting is key to demolishing opponents before they destroy you.

The last tank rolling claims victory! With short match times, you'll jump right back into the fray quickly, hungry for vengeance. Customize your tank's colors and styling as you rack up wins.


Scattered across each arena are power-ups to give your tank the upper hand. Grab health bonuses to repair damage, damage boosts to increase cannon firepower, rapid fire for machine gun-like barrages, and shields for temporary defense. Just beware - with 4 tanks competing, power-ups won't last long!

Obstacles and Hazards

Along with enemy tanks, additional obstacles will keep you on your toes. Walls create cover, but also block your firing angles. Oil slicks cause your tank to spin out, while landmines and laser fences deal damage if contacted. Learn the intricacies of each arena to use the terrain most effectively.

Development History

Originally designed as a Java game in 2001, Tank Trouble rose to popularity when ported to Adobe Flash for browser play. Its straightforward tank shooter premise lent itself perfectly to casual browser gaming. Through iterations like Tank Trouble 2 & 3, the series brought graphical upgrades while retaining the addictive gameplay.

Reception and Reviews

Tank Trouble earns praise for its easy to grasp gameplay coupled with challenging multiplayer competition. The short match structure makes losing less frustrating while always tempting you into just one more round. As one reviewer states:

“This game is amazing - so simple to play, but crazy competitive against friends. The arenas and power-ups add nice variety too."


Drive into explosive same-screen tank warfare with up to 3 friends in Tank Trouble! Maneuver your armored vehicle, blast cannons, unleash missiles, and collect power-ups in fierce versus battles. No shooter skills required - Tank Trouble delivers immediate action fun for all. Play this bombastic browser classic now on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control my tank? Use arrow keys or WASD to drive. Mouse aims and clicks/taps fire weapons.

Can I play single player? Yes! You can add AI bots as opponents.

Does my progress save? Yes, custom tanks and achievements carry over across sessions.

How many players can join? You can have 2, 3, or 4 tank battles with friends or AI.

Is there voice/text chat? Not currently - Tank Trouble is focused just on the explosive gameplay.

Load your cannons and commence the battle - play Tank Trouble now on Unblocked Games Premium!

Tank Trouble


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