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Brainlessly Bash Zombies in Stupid Zombies on Unblocked Games Premium

Get your smash on against hordes of the undead in Stupid Zombies. As a lone human survivor, you’ll take on wave after wave of dimwitted zombies with whatever weapons you can find. Smash them with bats, impale them with poles, or fling them into gruesome electrical traps across hundreds of levels. If you crave casual zombie bashing action, Stupid Zombies delivers.

Controls and Gameplay: Bashing Zombies 101

In Stupid Zombies, you tap the screen to have your character smash zombies in range with their current weapon. Time your taps for combos to maximize damage.

Lure zombies into hazards on the map like exposed wires or fiery oil slicks to destroy them efficiently. Between waves, new weapons spawn. Bash zombies to collect coins and spend them on defenses and upgrades in the shop.

How long can you last against the increasingly tough zombie onslaught? These zombies might be stupid, but their numbers are limitless. Bash wisely!

Key Features That Make Stupid Zombies a Smash Hit

100+ Levels of Zombie Bashing

Fight through creepy locales from graveyards to military bases. Each level throws new hazards and traps into the mix to spice up slaying strategies.

Hilarious Ragdoll Physics

These dumb zombies explode, shatter, and ragdoll with over-the-top physics when smashed just right. Their stupidity leads to lots of laughs.

Upgradable Weapons

Expand your arsenal with lumberjacks, poles, tasers, and even wheelchairs. Upgrade them for maximum bashing potential.

Tower Defense Strategic Elements

Build defenses like gun turrets, oil traps, and springboards to supplement keeping back the undead tide.

Cartoony Art Style

While zombies can be gross, Stupid Zombies keeps the tone light with colorful and appealing graphics. Fun for all ages!

Development History and Critical Praise

Stupid Zombies comes from GameResort, a Vietnamese indie studio founded in 2015. Inspired by tower defense and zombie action genres, they blended zombie bashing with strategic traps for accessible casual fun.

With over 10 million downloads, Stupid Zombies is GameResort’s most popular release. Critics consistently highlight the addictive gameplay loop and approachable style that appeals to players of all ages.

Seamless Zombie Bashing on Desktop and Mobile

Originally released for iOS and Android, Stupid Zombies plays great on mobile with intuitive touch controls. But the tap-based mechanics also transition perfectly to desktop with mouse controls.

The 2D graphics also enable smooth performance on nearly any device. When zombies need bashing, Stupid Zombies has got you covered.

Even More Undead Action on Unblocked Games Premium

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If physics-based ragdoll carnage is your thing, Blast 'Em and Turbo Golf Racing have plenty more over-the-top destruction too.

The Future Looks Brainless for Stupid Zombies

Recently hitting 100 levels, Stupid Zombies continues shambling forward with new updates from GameResort. We can expect additional stages, weapons, defenses, and even multiplayer co-op zombie bashing modes down the road.

For casual undead action that anyone can jump right into, grab your favorite blunt object and start mashing mindless zombies in Stupid Zombies on Unblocked Games Premium today!

Stupid Zombies


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