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Stickman Mountain Biker Unblocked Games Premium

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Take Extreme Stickman Mountain Biking to the Limits


Get ready for high-flying, bone-crunching, stunt-pulling action in Stickman Mountain Biker. This intense physics racer puts you in control of a fearless stickman cyclist, bombing down treacherous mountain trails at crazy speeds. Using a simple one-button control scheme, you'll launch off ramps, hurdle gaps, and take corners on two wheels in an outrageous test of reflexes and timing. If you crave an addictive adrenaline rush, Stickman Mountain Biker delivers.

Core Gameplay

In Stickman Mountain Biker, players guide their stickman cyclist down procedurally generated trails by pressing the spacebar or screen to pedal faster. Build and maintain speed to successfully clear huge jumps and gaps. Lean back or forward to controlTake risky shortcuts and discover alternate routes to shave off precious seconds. Over 60 unique bike frames, wheels, and accessories let you customize your rider’s look as you progress.

Nail Sick Tricks

The ragdoll physics lend themselves to insane crashes and bails too. Wipe out in spectacular fashion and enjoy watching your poor stickman shatter into pieces – no worries, he’ll be back at the start in moments. For even bigger thrills, hold the up key while launching off ramps to attempt outrageous flips and spins. Successfully landing these tricks gives you a speed boost while impressing your friends.

Global Multiplayer Competitions

Once you’ve honed your skills against the mountains alone, take the competition online in asynchronous multiplayer time trials. Your ghost rider will race alongside real-time replays of other players as you compete for the best time on each randomly generated course. This brings out the drive to shave off milliseconds by executing maneuvers flawlessly.

Development History

Stickman Mountain Biker comes from SayGames, an indie studio founded in Belarus in 2017. Their simple yet addictive one-touch mobile games like Ladder Run and Stair Race proved wildly successful. Stickman Mountain Biker represents SayGames’ first foray into more console-quality physics-based experiences for PC/Mac browsers, taking their stickman athletics to the next level.

Reviews and Reception

Gaming journalists praised Stickman Mountain Biker’s graceful one-touch controls combined with ludicrous physics that make every run feel totally unpredictable. Fans agreed, highlighting the addictiveness of always chasing that perfect ghost run:

“I can't even explain why this simple game is so addictive. There's just something about the sense of speed and weight on the bike that feels amazing when you get in the zone.”


Experience extreme mountain biking insanity controlling an acrobatic stickman cyclist in Stickman Mountain Biker. Bomb down procedurally generated trails and launch off ramps to attempt crazy stunts while beating other players’ ghost times. Simple controls meet endless physics-based thrills in this adrenaline-pumping racer. Play it now for free at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls?

Press the spacebar or screen to pedal faster. Hold up arrow or swipe up to do flips.

Can I customize my rider?

Yes! There are over 60 unique bike parts and accessories to unlock as you play.

How long does a run last?

Courses take 1-2 minutes. Races are continuous until you crash.

Is there a practice area?

Yes, the first course serves as a tutorial to learn controls safely.

Can I turn off the violent rag doll effects?

Unfortunately no - the physics crashes are part of the fun. But they are cartoonish.

Get extreme! Share your sickest Stickman Mountain Biker stunt runs and wipeouts with friends today.

Stickman Mountain Biker


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