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Guide a Stickman to Freedom in Stickman Escape


Flex your brain and reflexes in Stickman Escape, a challenging new spin on escape room puzzles. Players must help a stick figure man overcome a series of rooms filled with obstacles and contraptions by solving physics-based puzzles. With over 100 levels of escalating difficulty, Stickman Escape will push your reasoning skills to thrilling new heights.

Core Gameplay

Each level in Stickman Escape presents a room full of hazards and a closed exit door. You must uncover clues and manipulate the environment to create a safe path for your stickman to reach the exit. For example, pull levers to move platforms, redirect laser beams, or deactivate traps guarding the door.

Think carefully through cause and effect, and act strategically, not impulsively. Each level builds on the last, testing your grasp of concepts with new puzzle variations. Hints can provide clues if you get stuck.

Diverse Themes

While the gameplay remains centered on physics puzzles, Stickman Escape features a variety of thematic environments. Guide your stickman through creepy haunted houses, ancient temples, sci-fi labs, and fantasy realms. This visual variety paired with clever puzzle designs will keep you engaged through over 100 rooms.

Other Game Modes

For a change of pace from the puzzles, try out the Platform and Running mini-games accessible from the main menu. These action challenges test your stickman's jumping and reaction skills rather than logic. Or check the Options to toggle features like ambient music and sound effects to customize your experience.

Development History

Indie developer AppSoGreat originally conceived Stickman Escape as part of a 2017 Game Jam. Positive feedback and over 5 million downloads of early versions encouraged ongoing development. Through gradual improvements and new puzzle designs, Stickman Escape evolved into the polished, full-fledged experience available today.

Reviews and Reception

Stickman Escape has earned praise for its minimalist but engaging puzzle gameplay and charming animated stickman character. Even players normally averse to puzzle games found themselves addicted to unraveling each cleverly designed room one after another. As one reviewer wrote:

“I can't put this down! The puzzles feel challenging but fair, and the physics tricks you have to solve are so satisfying.”

Expect to spend hours immersed in escaping with your stickman. Just beware of staying up too late - the desire to solve just one more room is hard to resist!


Do you have the reasoning skills to guide a stickman to safety through over 100 treacherous escape rooms? Manipulate physics and solve environmental puzzles to open the path in Stickman Escape. Easy to learn but hard to master, this addictive escape game awaits at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls?

Use your mouse or tap touch screens to interact with objects. The stickman moves automatically once you clear obstacles.

Is there a story or plot?

No, the focus is entirely on solving physics puzzles room-by-room. There is no story.

Can I save my progress?

Yes, your progress will be saved automatically, so you can resume where you left off.

How long does it take to finish?

Completion time varies, but expect 10+ hours to experience all 100+ puzzles.

Is there a hint system?

Yes, use the lightbulb icon in each level to get clues if you need help solving a tricky puzzle.

Free your inner stickman - start escaping now at Unblocked Games Premium!

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