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Stickman: The Battle Unblocked Games Premium

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Wage epic stickman warfare in Stickman: The Battle on Unblocked Games Premium

Grab your weapons and prepare for stickman warfare in Stickman: The Battle. Across multiple game modes, you'll take down other crudely-drawn soldiers in brutal combat using guns, knives, grenades and more. With destructible environments and ragdoll physics, no battle is ever the same. Bring your stick fighting skills to Unblocked Games Premium!

Controls and Gameplay: Waging Stickman War

Use WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot. Melee enemies by left clicking up close or throw weapons from afar. Duck behind cover to avoid damage and lean out to return fire.

In Deathmatch, rack up kills against other players. Capture the Flag has teams securing each other's flags. Destroy the enemy castle in Siege mode. Coop lets you blast A.I. soldiers together.

Smash objects like barrels and boxes to find health packs and better weapons. Cause enough collateral damage and you might just bring the whole map down on your opponents! The stickman with the most kills wins.

Why Stickman: The Battle Stands Out

Hilarious Ragdoll Physics

Bullets blast limbs and heads off in gory, exaggerated fashion. The ragdoll stickmen provide endless dark comedy.

Environmental Destruction

Dynamite crates, gas tanks, and pillars can all be destroyed to crush or dismember enemies. Wreck the whole map if you can!

Wide Arsenal of Weapons

Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers - unlock and wield a huge armory of guns, melee weapons and explosives.

4 Unique Multiplayer Modes

Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Siege, and Coop provide stellar stickman vs stickman violent fun.

Stylized Low Poly Visuals

While crude, the minimalist stickman models and maps perfectly fit the chaotic battles.

Development History and Reception

Created by Brazilian indie Hidden Games, Stickman: The Battle first launched on web and mobile in 2021. Their goal was capturing the hilarity and fun of battling stick figures from classic early internet animations.

With its over-the-top ragdoll physics and bloody brawls, the game quickly built a fanbase of PC and mobile players drawn to its dark comedy. Stickman: The Battle stands out as one of Hidden Games' most popular titles.

Wage War Anywhere

As a lightweight online game built in Unity, Stickman: The Battle runs smoothly right in desktop and mobile browsers without needing hefty hardware or downloads. Just open and start sticking enemies!

The simplistic graphics also ensure fluid performance even on less powerful devices. You’ll always get gory stick carnage on the battlefield.

More Must-Play Online Multiplayer

If you’re craving more desktop multiplayer thrills after Stickman: The Battle, be sure to try out classics like Krunker, Shell Shockers, and Bullet Force on Unblocked Games Premium. Hours of competitive fun await.

For battle royale with hundreds of players instead of just a few, dive into the blocky world of Surviv.io. Enjoy last man standing chaos!

Marching Onward into Combat

With ongoing support from Hidden Games through updates, we can expect continued improvements and additions to Stickman: The Battle like new maps, customization options, and extra modes to further enhance the multiplayer carnage.

Lock ‘n load your favorite stick-shredding weapons and head into the fray - brutal cartoon warfare awaits in Stickman: The Battle on Unblocked Games Premium!

Stickman: The Battle


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