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Stick Merging Unblocked Games Premium

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Fuse and Grow Your Stick in Stick Merging


Prepare for addictive stick-joining action in Stick Merging. In this unique arcade experience, players start with two sticks and must merge additional sticks that rain down from above. Match colors perfectly to fuse sticks into longer and longer chains for high scores. With simple pick-up-and-play controls and quick restarting rounds, Stick Merging delivers zen-like reaction challenges.

Core Gameplay

In each round of Stick Merging, colored sticks fall sequentially from the top of the screen. Manipulate your growing horizontal stick chain left and right to align with falling sticks. When a falling stick matches color and lines up perfectly, they’ll fuse into one longer piece.

But misalignments or mismatches will break your stick chain apart. The goal is to build the longest stick possible by merging rapidly and precisely. Each round lasts only 30 seconds, so reflexes are key.

Escalating Difficulty

Stick Merging wastes no time ramping up the difficulty. While early rounds move slowly, the speed picks up fast. The randomness of stick sequence also means you can’t just memorize patterns. With 100 levels to progress through, even seasoned players will be tested to react under pressure.

Daily challenges provide unique scoring tasks outside the main stages too. You might have to build a stick of 25 merges as fast as possible, or survive for 60 seconds without breaking. This adds variety to the core reflex-testing gameplay.

Minimalist Art Style

Stick Merging projects a clean, minimalist aesthetic for a hypnotic feel. Pulsing synth music and neon stick trails enhance the trance-like vibe as you chain fusion after fusion. This makes Stick Merging perfect for quick plays or as a background brain-teaser.

Development History

Indie studio AppQuantum originally developed Stick Merging as part of a 2021 global game jam. The simple concept resonated with players, and the team continued polishing and expanding the title based on a loyal fanbase who found its loop overwhelmingly addictive. Gradually enhancing the presentation and progression ultimately led to the stylish, modern version enjoyed today.

Reviews and Reception

Fans praise the satisfying feeling of rapid stick chaining rewarded through high scores and progression. The minimalist art and sound also lend themselves to almost meditative engagement. As one Steam reviewer wrote:

“This game is so simple yet so stylish and engaging. I find myself coming back to beat my high scores whenever I need to relax and just zone out.”

Prepare to lose plenty of hours to the fusion frenzy of Stick Merging thanks to its effortlessly absorbing gameplay loop.


Experience lightning-fast reflex challenges in Stick Merging. Maneuver a growing stick chain to absorb falling sticks of the same color for the longest fusion possible. Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Merging delivers instant arcade gratification. Play it now free in your browser at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls? Use left/right keys or swipe the screen to move your stick. No other controls needed!

Is there co-op or versus multiplayer? No, the game is currently single player only with ranked leaderboards.

How long does a game take? Each round lasts 30 seconds. Play through all 100 levels at your own pace.

Can I save my progress if I close the game? Yes, the game autosaves your highest scores, stars, and level unlocks.

What triggers the stick chain to break apart? Any misalignment with falling sticks or mismatches in color will break your chain.

Fuse frantically and push for endless high scores in Stick Merging - play it now at Unblocked Games Premium!

Stick Merging


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