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Experience Hilarious Ragdoll Physics in Stick Dismounting


Get ready to put a hapless stick figure through some cartoonish torture in Stick Dismounting, a ragdoll physics game that will have you laughing out loud. Players construct wacky contraptions and obstacles to dismount, demolish, and absolutely shatter a poor little stick man. With endless combinations to test, this sandbox of slapstick violence is sure to bring out your inner mischievous kid.

Gameplay Explained

In Stick Dismounting, you are presented with an empty stage and simple building tools. Lay down ramps, swinging hammers, spinning blades, explosives, and anything else your twisted mind can conjure up. Then drop a stick figure at the start and watch the chaos unfold in slow motion.

The fun comes from experimenting with different structures and traps to create catastrophic, bone-crunching impacts. Try launching your stickman down a huge spiral ramp lined with mines or see how long you can keep him juggling across a minefield of jackhammers. Replay saves your best dismounts to share and impress others.

Diverse Levels

While you can build freely on empty grid stages, Stick Dismounting also features themed levels with predefined contraptions. Smash your stickman through elaborate Rube Goldberg machines, jet engines, and circus carnival rides gone haywire. There are over 70 levels to provide plenty of inspiration for your constructions.

Deep Customization

A full stickman editor lets you customize limbs, joints, accessories and more before attempting dismounts. Want to watch a pirate stickman get dismantled? Why not dismount a stickman on a unicycle while juggling chainsaws? The character combinations are endless for maximum absurdity.

You can even customize physics parameters like joint strength, stiffness, and fragility to achieve new levels of over-the-top limb-snapping action. Find that sweet spot between wacky and gruesome through trial and error.

Development History

Originally created by Joonas Turner as a 2015 game jam entry, Stick Dismounting's simple premise and hilarious ragdoll physics struck a chord with players. After ongoing updates and optimizations, it remains popular today as an ideal way to tap into chaotic slapstick humor.

Reviews & Reception

Fans praise Stick Dismounting as the perfect way to let loose and get silly with its over-the-top violence. As one Steam reviewer wrote:

“After a long day, it's so cathartic to boot this up and watch a dumb little stick figure get utterly annihilated in the most ridiculous ways. Great dark humor stress relief!”

There is certainly an irresistible, guilty pleasure in witnessing the absurd dismembering of a helpless stickman. Just be warned - you may bust a gut laughing!


With its ragdoll physics sandbox and opportunities for limitless customization, Stick Dismounting delivers outrageous hands-on comedy. Build ludicrous obstacle courses and contraptions to put a personalized stickman through hilariously brutal punishment. Available to play instantly at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save my constructions?

Yes, you can save dismounts and load them again later to replay or tweak them.

Is there a goal or objective?

There are no set goals - the aim is simply to creatively (and hilariously) dismount your stickman.

How graphic is the violence?

It's all cartoony slapstick. However, the game is best for mature audiences.

Can I share replays online?

Yes! Share your favorite dismount GIFs and videos with friends for extra laughs.

What triggers dismemberment?

It depends on the limb's strength - set this in customization. Breaking joints triggers lost limbs.

Now get dismounting and share your most outrageous calamities! The stickman destruction awaits at Unblocked Games Premium.

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