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Test Your Memory in Fast-Paced Simon Says

The Classic Memory Game Taken to Lightning Speeds

Flex your short-term memory muscles in Simon Says, the intense and addictive memory game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Watch and memorize the sequence of flashing colored panels, then tap them in order. With each round adding another step, keep up as long as you can before making a mistake! With super-responsive controls and action that gets impressively fast, Simon Says will give your brain a stellar workout.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls

Thanks to crisp touchscreen controls, mimicking the pattern of flashing colored panels feels seamless. Simply tap the corresponding panels in order. Audio and visual feedback lets you know when you nail the sequence or make a mistake. The intuitive gameplay makes it effortless to dive in and start memory training.

Multiple Fun Modes

Classic Mode challenges you to match increasingly long patterns for high scores. Get competitive in Versus Mode either locally or online as you race to replicate patterns before your opponent messes up. Or play cooperatively in Duos Mode combining memory power. With varied modes and difficulty options, players of all skill levels can enjoy.

Daily Challenges

Check in daily for unique new challenges that put your memory and reflexes to the test. These bite-sized brain teasers offer fresh takes on the gameplay. Master each day’s unique test to earn rewards and climb the rankings against other players worldwide.

Impressively Responsive

Even with complex patterns thrown at you in quick succession, Simon Says' polished touch controls keep up with your inputs flawlessly. The game registers your touches instantly, meaning no time wasted struggling with unresponsive buttons. Staying laser focused on the patterns is key thanks to the precise, lag-free controls.

Minimalist Retro Style

With its clean, neon visuals and pulse-pounding EDM soundtrack, Simon Says packs plenty of sensory stimulation to get your brain fired up. Unlock stylish new themes and player avatars as you improve your high scores for added flair.

Train Your Brain

An absolute classic reinvented and optimized for mobile, Simon Says provides endless mental stimulation training through addictive memory gameplay. Play a quick game or two to sharpen your focus before important tasks or just for fun! Enjoy this beloved brain-building challenge today on Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simon Says appropriate for young kids and families?
Absolutely! It's family-friendly entertainment for all ages.

Does the game require an internet connection?
You can play offline but won't have leaderboards or cloud saves.

Do my reaction times matter a lot?
Precision matters more than speed. Fast reflexes help at expert levels though.

Can I disable flashing effects?
Yes, there are options to reduce flashes for photosensitivity.

How many unique game modes are there?
Currently 3 major modes with more planned. Daily challenges add variety.

Simon Says


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