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Rodeo Stampede Unblocked Games Premium

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Saddle Up for Wildlife Wrangling Fun in Rodeo Stampede

Lasso and Ride Fantastic Beasts in this Zany Zoo Builder

Embark on a wild safari ride in Rodeo Stampede, the outrageously fun zoo builder game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Journey across habitats filled with marvelous beasts. Lasso everything from buffalo to giraffes, elephants, and more to populate your zoo and discover new exotic species! With simple one-touch controls and hilarious animal chaos, Rodeo Stampede brings huge laughs and smiles.

One-Tap Lassoing and Bouncing

Controls are blissfully simple. Tap left or right to lasso animals as your character rides past. Tap to bounce off an animal's back to get air, collecting coins and powerups floating overhead. Mastering the timing of your taps to nab each creature takes skill, but the pick-up-and-play controls make jumping right into the zany action a breeze.

Build a World-Class Zoo

As you rescue animals from the stampede, they'll join your personal zoo. Fill habitats and enclosures with the creatures you've saved, attracting more guests and raising your park's prestige. Expand into new exhibits as you rescue rares like pandas, unicorns, aliens, and more unbelievable animals. Become the greatest wrangler-zoologist in the world!

Explore Exciting New Habitats

Journey through grasslands, jungles, deserts, snowy tundras, and more in search of exotic species. But watch out for hazardous obstacles like volcanoes, tornados, and more that will send you flying if you aren't careful! Discover secret side paths to encounter rare variants and unique boss beasts. Where will your next rodeo adventure take you?

Customize Your Wrangler

As you level up, unlock stylish new outfits and hats for your character. Or spend collected coins on fun animal companions like monkeys, eagles, and dolphins to ride alongside you for unique bonuses. Express your personality through your appearance.

Hilariously Goofy Fun for All Ages

With its cartoony graphics, goofy animals, and accessibility for all skill levels, Rodeo Stampede is casual gaming fun the whole family can enjoy. Saddle up for some stampeding excitement today on Unblocked Games Premium!

The Sky's the Limit for Updates

Rodeo Stampede's developers are committed to continually improving and expanding the game. More habitats, rare variants, customization items, zoo attractions, and quality of life enhancements are added every month. This zany zoo builder will only get bigger and better over time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rodeo Stampede have leaderboards or multiplayer?
Not currently, but the devs have indicated online features in future updates.

Can I play Rodeo Stampede on mobile too?
Yes, it's available for iOS and Android devices as well as PC.

Is there animal violence/hunting?
No! The game is family-friendly, you rescue animals to safety.

Are there microtransactions or forced ads?
Nope, optional rewarded ads provide bonuses but can be ignored.

How much storage space does the game require?
Just under 100 MB, so it works great on any modern device.

Rodeo Stampede


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