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High-Octane Soccer with Explosive Cars in Rocket Soccer Derby


Rocket Soccer Derby combines the thrill of soccer with the mayhem of rocket-powered car combat for an addictively absurd sports experience. Choose your vehicle, equip wacky powerups, and master the rocket ball to demolish opponents across unconventional arenas. If traditional sports games seem too tame, this rocket-fueled rivalry steps up the madness.

How to Play

The objective in Rocket Soccer Derby is to score more goals than your opponents. Use your car to hit the massive ball into the enemy net. Different arena shapes like a pinball table or rooftops provide unique challenges.

Equip powerups like bowling balls, swarms of bees, and shrunken heads to gain an edge over rival players. Time your boosts wisely for deadly bursts of speed. Ready those rockets - this ball is ready to demolish anyone in its path!

With easy pick-up-and-play controls but surprising depth, Rocket Soccer Derby makes mastering the rocket ball addictively fun. Challenge friends in local multiplayer or take on the world via online matches and leaderboards.

Key Features

  • 12 outrageous cars and 18 devious powerups to mix up the action

  • Singleplayer leagues against increasingly bizarre AI teams

  • Physics-based gameplay rewarding skillful shots and maneuvers

  • Destructible arenas with explosives, pinball bumpers, lava, and more

  • Humorous sound effects and exaggerated ragdoll animations

Zany Low Poly Visuals

Rocket Soccer Derby uses a stylized low-polygonal aesthetic that matches the absurd gameplay and cartoon violence. Vehicles and characters appear intentionally blocky and cobbled together.

Upbeat techno music suits the high-speed futuristic setting. Ridiculous bellows and explosions accentuate the impacts from boosting your ride directly into competitors. The presentation embraces humor and spectacle.

Development History and Reception

Created by Finnish indie team Phaseform Games, Rocket Soccer Derby first launched on PC and consoles in 2012 before expanding to mobile platforms. Its over-the-top fusion of genres captured fans seeking unconventional sports action.

Reviewers praised the easy controls, physics-based gameplay rewarding skill, and surprising amount of strategy required in manipulating the ball and demolishing foes. Despite the zany trappings, the mechanics have depth.

Technical Details and Performance

Thanks to a lightweight custom engine, Rocket Soccer Derby runs smoothly on most browsers and devices. Visual settings can be lowered as needed to optimize performance on less powerful hardware.

Controls are intuitive keyboard or touchscreen actions. Ensuring a stable internet connection is ideal for smooth online multiplayer. Singleplayer is fully playable offline after loading once.

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The Future of Rocket Soccer Derby

Now available on a wide range of platforms, significant new features for Rocket Soccer Derby seem unlikely. However, the developers continue supporting the game with optimization updates and rotation of online multiplayer modes.

Potential smaller-scale updates mentioned include additional killstreak rewards, holiday skins for cars, and new arenas. But the simple core premise remains just as explosively fun today. The rocket ball chaos won't be fading away anytime soon!


What is the best strategy for scoring goals and winning?

Master timing your boosts for speed control. Aim for enemy-rich areas on the arena to hit multiple cars. Utilize powerups wisely as offensive or defensive tools.

Can I play Rocket Soccer Derby with just a keyboard or touch?

Yes, controls are fully customizable to support keyboard-only, touch-only, and any combination you prefer.

Is there a way to disable powerups?

Not currently - they are core to gameplay. However, some dedicated players agree to mutual terms disabling powerups when playing online matches.

Does the ball physics change depending on arena?

Yes, unique arenas have distinct properties like gravity, bounce, and size that alter how the ball moves and responds.

How many players can compete in online matches?

The maximum in online play is 4v4 teammates currently. More players increase chaos! Singleplayer leagues allow fighting 7 rival AI.

Gear Up and Demolish Your Competition

Now that you've got the explosive gameplay of Rocket Soccer Derby mastered, it's time to start your engine, equip those rockets, and prepare for insane physics-based sports action. Go for the goal or just cause carnage - either way, this one-of-a-kind rocket ball brawler delivers maximum overdrive fun!

Rocket Soccer Derby


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