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Road Fury Unblocked Games Premium

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Pedal to the Metal in High Octane Racer Road Fury

Outrace Cops and Rivals in White-Knuckle Street Racing

Crank your stereo and burn rubber in Road Fury, the asphalt-scorching street racer now tearing up the streets on Unblocked Games Premium. Steal cars, outrun police, and complete risky driving jobs as you make a name for yourself. With realistic graphics, breakneck racing action, and tons of customization, Road Fury sets a new standard in street racing games.

Weighty Driving Physics

Behind the wheel, Road Fury's refined driving physics shine. Cars have real heft and momentum as you drift around corners and scrape walls. Mastering throttle control, gear shifts, and weight transfer is key to posting scorching lap times. This is simulation-style racing, no driving aids allowed!

Upgrade and Customize Your Fleet of Cars

Starting with just a tuner, expand your garage with supercars, exotics, classics, and luxury rides. Use race winnings to install engine, turbo, gearbox, and weight reducing upgrades. Dial in the perfect parts setup for each car that matches your driving style. With customizable paint and body kits, your cars will look as mean as they drive.

Intense Police Chases

Earn cash completing illicit street races and driving jobs, but watch out for the police! If spotted, you'll have to shake the cops with skilled driving and strategic use of hiding spots. But get busted too many times and its game over. Live life a quarter mile at a time!

Challenge Rivals in Street Racing Events

Prove your skills against other racers in intense tournaments and battles. Place bets on yourself to multiply race winnings. Win consistently to upgrade your reputation and unlock new elite events. But stay on your toes as rivals won't hesitate to nudge and scrape your ride in their dust.

Realistic Graphics and Sounds

With realistic car models, beautifully rendered environments, dynamic lighting, and immersive audio, Road Fury truly sells the rush of street racing. Customize your driver's look with gear and apparel from name brands like Alpinestars. The attention to detail is unparalleled.

Start Your Racing Career

With its rigorous driving physics, high stakes street racing action, extensive customization, and AAA presentation, Road Fury sets the new standard in street racing games. Step into the garage today on Unblocked Games Premium and start your life on the streets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PC requirements for Road Fury?
A discrete GTX 1060 GPU or equivalent is recommended for high settings.

Does the game support steering wheels and pedals?
Absolutely! All major wheel/pedal sets are supported.

How is the game monetized? Is it pay to win?
No pay to win. Optional cosmetic DLC cars are available for purchase.

Can I play Road Fury on console or mobile?
Currently PC only, but console and mobile ports are planned.

Is there an offline single player career mode?
Yes, the lengthy career mode can be fully played offline.

Road Fury


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