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Relive Classic Football Action in Retro Football

Mid-2000s Football Gaming Brought Back to Life

Experience a nostalgic dose of football gaming glory days with Retro Football, the throwback pigskin game now on Unblocked Games Premium. Select from over 50 classic teams, drive the length of the field, and score spectacular touchdowns. With authentic mid-2000s graphics and explosive arcade-style gameplay, Retro Football brings back football gaming nostalgia.

Run, Pass, and Tackle

Like football games of the past, controls are blissfully simple with on-screen buttons for passing, running, tackling, kicking, and more. But nailing the timing on stiff arms, swerving jukes, and spectacular leaping catches takes skill. All your favorite plays and strategies are there. Lead blockers to open huge holes, or chuck it deep and let your receiver make a play!

Teams, Players, and Uniforms from the 2000s

The massive roster features over 50 unlicensed throwback teams and 1000+ players inspired by football stars and franchises of the mid-2000s. Play as longtime rivals again in their retro uniforms for a major dose of NFL nostalgia. Unlock legendary teams by progressing through the various modes.

Manage and Upgrade Your Franchise

In Dynasty mode, draft and develop players, manage salaries, upgrade facilities, and make coaching decisions as you build your franchise into a perennial powerhouse. Win championships across multiple seasons and cement your team's legacy!

Delightfully Arcade-Style Gameplay

With its simplified controls, arcade ball physics, and over-the-top animations, Retro Football emphasizes fun moment-to-moment gameplay over simulation realism. Pull off outrageous scrambles, nigh-impossible catches, and hit stick tackles that send opponents flying for big plays. This is classic football gaming dialed up to 11!

Take the Field Online

Recreate classic matchups online as you face off against other retro football enthusiasts. Climb the leaderboards in competitive seasons as you fight to go undefeated on the way to becoming a digital league champion!

Football Gaming Nostalgia Trip

With its authentic throwback presentation, delightfully arcade gameplay, and massive roster of retro teams, Retro Football is a must-play for football fans longing for the good old days. Relive timeless NFL rivalries today, only on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game have actual NFL team names and logos?
No, it uses parody names and logos to emulate historical teams without licensing.

What are the control options besides on-screen buttons?
It supports controllers or keyboard/mouse controls for passing, running, and more.

How long does an average Franchise mode season take?
Around 2-3 hours per season when playing full games. You can tweak settings.

Can I import custom rosters or edit players?
Not currently, but the devs have indicated editing support in future updates.

Does Retro Football require a high-spec PC for max graphics?
Most gaming rigs can run it well. Minimum GTX 960 GPU recommended.

Retro Football


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