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Guide a Tenacious Ball Through Platforming Perils in RedBall


Equal parts platformer and physics puzzle game, RedBall provides hundreds of creative challenges focused on navigating intricate traps and contraptions as an adorably persistent ball. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, completing levels demands equal parts reflexes and critical thinking.

How to Play

In RedBall, you must guide a sentient bouncing red ball from start to finish across a series of ingenious Rube Goldberg-esque levels. Tap/click to make RedBall jump then release to bounce him into the air. Time jumps to cross gaps, avoid spikes, and reach high ledges.

Experiment with momentum by wall jumping or bouncing off movable objects and platforms to pass obstacles. Think creatively - seemingly dangerous traps often hold the key to victory with the right bounces.

With no lives or time limits, testing ideas is encouraged. Solving each level's unique puzzles provides endless satisfaction. Discovering the intended solution or charting your own path both prove rewarding.


With over 100 levels across multiple worlds, RedBall keeps the challenges fresh with new obstacles, enemies, and mechanics constantly introduced throughout. Hidden collectibles add replay value.

A level editor unlocks after completing the main game for designing and sharing your own devious gauntlets. Graphics filters change up the aesthetic. Local multiplayer races provide new speedrunning thrills.

Retro Pixel Art Visuals

RedBall utilizes blocky pixel graphics calling back to early gaming classics but with fluid modern animations and physics. Rich parallax background layers provide depth. The bold reds pop against black backgrounds.

Upbeat techno and rock tracks energize your bouncing wanderings. Cartoon boings and ricochets liven up the action alongside quirky robotic sound effects. The presentation feels distinctly retro but polished.

Development History and Impact

Indie developer Kloonigames launched the original Flash-based RedBall as a free web game in 2008. Its unique take on physics platforming earned critical praise and millions of devoted players.

RedBall proved inspirational for future puzzle platformers like Limbo. Updated ports to mobile, Steam, and browsers continue making RedBall's ingenious level design available to new generations seeking brain-twisting ball challenges.

Technical Details

Thanks to Unity engine support, the HTML5 browser version of RedBall runs smoothly on most modern desktops and laptops without needing installation. Tablets and phones work too.

Graphics can be scaled down to accommodate less powerful hardware if needed. Two control schemes exist - touchscreen taps or keyboard arrows and spacebar. Both handle accurately. Minimal latency is key.

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The Future of RedBall

With all main content complete, recent RedBall updates have focused on quality of life fixes and optimizations. However the positive reception could inspire the developer to revisit the series in the future.

A sequel is unlikely to alter RedBall's core bouncing premise too drastically. But new elements like local co-op, multiplayer races, destructible terrain, and advanced editing tools could provide engaging new ways to enjoy more clever ball platforming.


Is there a way to speed up RedBall's movement?

No, his speed is purposefully moderate to allow carefully planning bounces rather than quick reflexes. Rushing often leads to errors.

Can I play levels out of order or skip difficult ones?

Yes, there are no restrictions, so you can freely navigate to any unlocked stage on the level select screen.

Do I need to collect all coins in a level?

Coins are optional - only reaching the goal flag matters. But collecting all in a stage earns you a medal for bonus bragging rights.

How many levels are included?

Over 100 levels across half a dozen different worlds are available, providing dozens of hours of bouncy challenges.

Are RedBall powerups or abilities available?

No powerups exist, but various obstacles like cannons or anti-gravity sections alter ball physics, keeping things interesting.

Bounce Your Way to Victory

An innovator in physics platforming, the crafty stage designs of RedBall continue stumping gamers to this day. Prepare to put your critical thinking skills to work guiding this sentient ball to safety through over 100 ingeniously perilous levels. Just be careful not to drop - losing your bounce means game over!



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