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Red Handed Unblocked Games Premium

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Pull Off Heists and Outrun Cops in Red Handed

Get ready to live the life of a wanted criminal in Red Handed - the intense police escape game now available free online at unblocked games premium. Team up for big heists, navigate city streets in getaway vehicles, and shake persistent law enforcement pursuits using cars, boats, gliders and more!

With open city environments, tactical driving, and cooperative multiplayer, Red Handed turns every escape into an action movie. Grab your crew, loot the bank, hijack transport trucks, and disappear without a trace. Evade to become the ultimate smooth operator!

Planning and Executing Heists

In Red Handed's sandbox city, scope out hotspots like banks, armored vehicles, and jewelry stores to case for later heists. Then assemble your crew's gangsters and weapons to hit them.

Breach objectives, grab the loot, and coordinate chaotic getaways by any means necessary. Police will be on your trail - so always plan an escape route! The perfect crime awaits.

Exhilarating Pursuit and Escape

Once alarms sound, make your getaway via cars, boats, motorbikes, helicopters, or whatever vehicles you acquire. Drive evasively to shake heat on your tail using jumps, reversals, hard turns, roadblocks and other tactics.

Utilize the open cityscapes to disappear into hiding spots. Every close call and successful escape delivers an adrenaline rush!

Tactical Police Evasion Multiplayer

Group with up to 4 friends for cooperative heists and getaways. Each teammate can provide unique strategies:

  • The Wheeler handles the escape driving.

  • The Brawler fends off direct police confrontations.

  • The Roamer remains unseen conducting surveillance.

  • The Engineer disables security and unlocks doors.

Coordinate specialties for maximum criminal synergy!

Diverse Tunable Getaway Vehicles

Throughout the city, commandeer new sets of wheels and boats to expand your escape options. Then take them to your garage and tune performance with upgrades like nitrous, armor plating, rams, anti-lock brakes, and more.

Owning a versatile vehicle fleet enables adapting driving strategies on the fly. Leave the cops in the dust!

Visceral Pursuit Audio and Visuals

Red Handed's city feels alive thanks to immersive cop chatter, scanner traffic, and environmental ambience. Police cruisers gain on you with lights flashing while news choppers circle overhead. The sounds of pursuit get your heart pumping.

The visuals are polished to modern standards with realistic weather, lighting, and streetscapes to weave through. You feel transported right into a great crime getaway flick.

Enter the Criminal Underworld

Join up with a secret syndicate and fully embrace the underworld criminal fantasy world of Red Handed. Grab your crew, make off with big scores, and escape into the night a legend.

Pull off the perfect crime today on unblocked games premium!

Red Handed


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