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Build and Battle in Oceanic Multiplayer Raftz.io

Prepare for competitive island-hopping naval battles in Raftz.io - the seafaring io game now playable free online at unblocked games premium. Start with a humble plank, build up your raft by collecting debris, then sail against up to 20 rivals in a shrinking zone to be the final floater!

With strategic gathering, physics-based water dynamics, and engaging progression from rags to riches, Raftz.io combines survival gameplay with multiplayer action. Rally your makeshift navy, control the seas, and reign supreme on the open ocean arena!

Scavenge and Craft to Upgrade Your Raft

At match start, dive into the water to salvage driftwood, barrels, and scrap metal. As your raft expands, attach new components like powerful engines, cannons, spikes, taller masts, and more.

Build a battle-ready dreadnought galleon to dominate the high seas! Customize with decorations and designs to intimidate foes and allies. The mightiest vessel rules the waves.

Physics-Based Naval Warfare

When battleships collide, physics come into play. Circle strafe rival vessels while blasting cannons to sink them. If you take damage, quickly patch holes and bail water mid-match.

The shifting tides make staying nimble and reactive essential. Master both building and naval warfare to become admiral of the ocean arena!

Diverse Arena Maps and Modes

Regular Battle Royale mode features expanding map borders where the strongest raft and captain is victorious. Other modes include:

  • Deathmatch - PvP team battles with instant respawns. Coordinate with allies!

  • Cargo - Collect and return treasure chests to your base.

  • Racing - Speed around buoys and reach the finish line first.

Variety keeps nautical competition exciting and engaging long-term. Hoist the sails!

Socialize and Make Friends

Built-in chat allows bonding with fellow captains through text or speech. Form alliances, coordinate maritime maneuvers, betray backstabbers - the ocean is home to all kinds.

Trade ship schematics, debrief tactics, and just goof around with ocean friends to build lasting memories. Community enriches the multiplayer experience.

Shiver Some Timbers!

Raftz.io's caricature visuals and upbeat tropical soundtrack capture the lighthearted spirit of high seas mischief and legend. While blasting enemies and plundering loot, don't forget to enjoy the voyage!

So gather yer crew, batten down the hatches, and prepare to sail! Adventure awaits on the horizion at unblocked games premium.



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