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Battle River Raiders in Raft Wars

Get ready for wet and wild physics-based warfare in Raft Wars - the strategic water shooter now playable free online at unblocked games premium. Build up your raft squadron and fight river pirates using water balloons and other aquatic armaments. Outsmart enemies and seize treasure in fierce flotation combat!

With accessible controls, upgradeable rafts, and engaging gameplay, Raft Wars combines strategy, reflexes, and slapstick humor into an addictive medieval soap opera. Recruit rafting warriors, upgrade your fleet, and win river warfare one splash at a time!

Conquering River Pirates with Water Weapons

In Raft Wars, enemy rafts swarm your shores trying to steal treasure. Fend them off using water balloons, super soakers, water wigglers, depth charges, hydroblasters, and more wet weaponry unlocked as you progress.

Fire cannons to sink ships or knock pirates overboard. Use Waterbtsi to push and reposition enemy rafts. Strategic aiming and timing is key to clearing waves and advancing.

Build Up Your Raft Fleet and Crew

Earn coins from winning river battles to recruit crew allies with unique attacks like water katana chops or bellyflops. Also upgrade your raft's cannons, speed, armor, and capacities.

Customize each raft's capabilities to handle different battle scenarios. A balanced squadron is key to mastering Raft Wars wet warfare long term.

Charming Illustrated Storybook Visuals

Colorful hand-drawn graphics give Raft Wars a lighthearted storybook style. Detailed animations add character like pirates getting seasick while ships rock.

Speech bubbles and reactions heighten the cartoon humor. Vibrant landscapes like frosty arctic rivers or scorching desert oases liven up backdrops. The art ensures wet warfare stays all fun and games!

Zany Action-Packed River Locales

Journey down a wild and wet series of rivers for nonstop aquatic clashes including:

  • Piranha Paradise - Hungry piranhas add extra chaos!

  • Blizzard River - Iceberg cover helps your defenses.

  • Mount Boom - Dodge falling boulders from erupting geysers!

  • Sweaty Rapids - Intense Sahara River battles.

  • Raftrosaurus Rex - Prehistoric piranha dinosaurs!!!

Excitement awaits around every bend - don't get complacent!

Addictive Progression Loop

Starting as a lowly balloon warrior, you gradually advance to hydro cannon-firing warships and specialized crews. The power ramp keeps you pushing forward.

Getting that 3 star rating by cleanly conquering the trickier rapids provides great motivation. River supremacy awaits.

Tactical Water Warfare

Combining physics projectiles, strategic raft building, and engaging progression, Raft Wars innovates the artillery genre into unfamiliar waters. Take the fight to river pirates now on unblocked games premium!

Raft Wars


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