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Claim Victory Royale in Pocket Battle Royale

Prepare for fast-paced multiplayer mayhem with Pocket Battle Royale - the pixelated io shooter now playable for free online at unblocked games premium. Scavenge for guns then face off against up to 20 opponents in tense pixelated battle royale matches. Customize your character and prove your aim in combat to be the last player standing!

With accessible touch or mouse controls, multiple modes, and lighthearted pixel art style, Pocket Battle Royale distills battle royale chaose into quick pick-up-and-play form. Survive the rising danger and become champion on these pocket-sized maps!

Loot and Shoot to Victory

At match start, rapidly loot buildings for weapons and gear as a deadly pixelated fog condenses the arena. Rifle through desks, floors, and crates to arm yourself then hunt down enemies.

Master FPS skills like strafing, headshots, inventory management, and environmental awareness. Battles intensify as space shrinks. Stay frosty and fight smartly to achieve victory royale!

Customize Your Character's Style

Before matches, select your character model and customize appearance with various hats, masks, outfits, and other unlockable cosmetics. Then show off your style as you emote over fallen foes.

Earn more cosmetic awards by mastering different weapon classes, scoring headshots, and winning matches. Style on opponents with your hard-earned swag!

Match Types and Modes

Pocket Battle Royale delivers multiplayer variety:

  • Free for All - Fight solo in up to 20 player matches. True battle royale!

  • Duos - Team with a friend against pairs of rivals. Coordinate attacks!

  • 50v50 - Huge team battles on sprawling maps with vehicles. All out war!

  • Daily Challenges - Special events and competitions.

Fun Pixelated Visuals and Sounds

The pixel art graphics give Pocket Battle Royale a lighthearted retro vibe while still conveying maps and movements clearly. Animations like running and reloads stay smooth.

Punchy gunfire audio, victory jingles, and bumping music heighten the arcade feel. This pocket royale puts a smile on your face - even while being peppered with bullets!

Reflex-Driven Combat Gameplay

With streamlined looting, shooting, and survival mechanics, Pocket Battle Royale provides instant gratifying action. Dive into quick matches when you're itching for fast-paced competitive multiplayer mayhem!

Pocket Battle Royale


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