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Engage Your Creativity in Competitive Painting Battles in Paint Strike

Get ready for fast-paced artistic action with Paint Strike - the paint-splatting multiplayer game now playable for free online at unblocked games premium. Arm yourself with virtual brushes, spray cans, and rollers to cover more arena ground than opponents. Mix colors and leave your mark!

With easy intuitive controls, team battles, and endless creative potential, Paint Strike empowers your inner artist. Gain territory by painting floors, walls, and objects creatively. Customize brushes and paints to out-cover rival artists now!

Claim Territory by Painting Surfaces

The goal in Paint Strike is to coat as many arena objects as possible in your team's color before time runs out. Equip spray cans to quickly claim walls, ink brushes for details, or paint rollers to dominate floors.

Layers of paint build up as colors mix and overlap. Spread your shade far and wide to seize the most real estate by the finish buzzer. Territory control wins matches.

Quickly Swap Between Painting Tools

Responsive hotkeys allow rapidly swapping paint types to adapt to changing situations:

  • 1 - Select primary spray can for fast coverage.

  • 2 - Secondary spray can color.

  • 3 - Precise brush for small details.

  • 4 - Paint roller to conquer floor space.

Learn surfaces that maximize each tool's strength. Finesse painting to reach new heights of artistic glory!

Play Classic Team Deathmatch

Join red or blue squads comprised of fellow players in 4v4 online battles. Communicate with team members to orchestrate coordinated painting maneuvers and setups.

Harmonize your color choices for unified designs. Defeat rival painters in artistic competition!

Customize Your Painting Arsenal

Make your mark on the arena by selecting spray can nozzle patterns, paint opacity, and other properties. Equip power ups like paint bombs, instant coverage tools, and paint killers too.

Unlock new brushes, colors, tools and effects by completing matches and challenges to expand your options. Establish a unique painterly playstyle!

Vibrant Interactive Paint Effects

Watch paint drip, splatter, and spread across the arena with impressive liquid physics. Colors blend and smear as more paint coats surfaces. The mixing creates unique secondary tints.

Lighting shifts cause hues to shift in response. Small details like footprints emerging really sell the virtual paint's physicality. Get immersed in this dynamic art space!

Express Your Creativity in Matches

Alongside competitive play, enjoy simply creating in Paint Strike's rich painting sandbox. Paint happy little trees, retiring sunsets, abstract expressionism, or anything else imaginable!

Let loose your inner artist through experimental designs only possible in Paint Strike's interactive arena. Create a digital masterpiece!

Pick Up a Brush and Start Painting

Combining competitive multiplayer action with limitless artistic expression, Paint Strike innovates on traditional arena combat games. Get creative by playing free now exclusively at unblocked games premium!

Paint Strike


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