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Rev Up for Intense Dirt Bike Racing in Moto X3M

Get ready for high-flying physics-based stunts and speed with Moto X3M - the legendary skill and racing series now available to play free online at unblocked games premium. Rush downhill while pulling daredevil tricks to set record times and big scores as you push dirt bikes to the limit.

With increasingly tricky tracks, customizable bikes, and upgrades, Moto X3M delivers wild, arcade-style racing thrills. Leave caution in the dust as you go full throttle toward ramps, loops, and other death-defying trail hazards!

Outracing Danger on Killer Dirt Bike Tracks

In Moto X3M, you race a dirt bike down treacherous hillside tracks loaded with jumps, obstacles, and stunt opportunities. Send your rider soaring off ramps then flip and spin for extra air to cover more ground faster.

Land clean and maintain your boost momentum. Lean to grip curves. Master the physics to beat target times and reach the finish without crashing. Perfect runs require nerves of steel!

Pulling Off High-Flying Bike Stunts

Nailing stunts mid-air provides a big speed boost when you stick the landing. Essential techniques include:

  • Flips - Front flips give better speed than backflips.

  • Whips - Fling your bike sideways at the peak of a jump.

  • Superman - Dismount stretched out for maximum air time.

  • No Handers - Release your bike completely for a moment.

  • Bar Spins - Rotate the handlebars a full 360 degrees.

Link stunts together to maintain crazy fast speeds!

Upgrading Your Dirt Bike

Use coins earned by completing tracks to upgrade components on your dirt bike like:

  • Engines - More power for higher speed and bigger jumps.

  • Tires - Wider treads and grips for handling.

  • Suspension - Absorb landings from bigger drops.

  • Armor - Withstand crashes and contact with obstacles.

  • Boosters - Store boost charges for instant acceleration.

Upgrade smartly to overcome tough tracks.

Jammin' Guitar Rock Soundtrack

Shredding guitar riffs, pounding drums, and melodic leads make up the high energy musical soundtrack. The mix of rocking tone establishes the carefree, reckless motocross spirit.

Engines rev aggressively as you hit boosters. Chain whips and dirt sprays add to the audio excitement. Adrenaline included!

Picturesque Outdoor Environments

Dodge wild animals and natural hazards while boost jumping over rivers and caverns. Each meticulously crafted map transports you to locations like:

  • Forest Hills - Weave through redwood trunks and fallen logs.

  • Desert Mesas - Ride the cliff edge above a sprawling canyon.

  • Arctic Peak - Brave snow fields and ice caves.

  • Volcano Run - Race down mountain as eruptions occur around you!

The scenic backdrops immerse you in extreme environments.

Classic Arcade Racing Perfected

Blending realistic physics with high-flying stunts and custom bikes, the Moto X3M series distills motocross mayhem into interactive form. Now playable free online at unblocked games premium, welcome new and returning fans alike! Get practicing and set new records today.

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