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Floor It Through Wacky Courses in Monster Tracks on Unblocked Games Premium

Get behind the wheel for over-the-top driving thrills in Monster Tracks. This cartoon racing game pushes your skills to the limit across 100 creative tracks filled with loops, jumps, and hazards. Unlock and upgrade speedy new vehicles to shave seconds off your times. With split-screen multiplayer and global leaderboards, Monster Tracks offers family-friendly racing excitement.

Controls and Gameplay: Mastering the Courses

In Monster Tracks, use the W, A, S, D or arrow keys to drive your car. Time accelerator and brake presses to steer around turns. Hit ramps and loops at full speed for maximum air.

Each course challenges you to find the perfect racing line. Blast through shortcuts, but watch out for dangers like rotating spikes and pools of slime. Beat stage times to unlock new cars and helicopters with their own traits. Can you top the online leaderboards?

Bring up to four players together in split-screen with shared or individual controls. Cooperative play lets you tag team cars mid-race! With tons of vehicle customizations too, the wacky racing possibilities are endless.

Why Monster Tracks Stands Out

100 Wildly Unique Courses

Zip through wacky levels like haunted castles, candy factories, volcanic caves, and more - each with their own creative design elements.

Smooth Intuitive Driving Physics

Drifting, landing jumps, and maneuvering hazards feels great with Monster Track's arcade-style driving model. Chaining moves is immensely satisfying.

Competitive Split-Screen Multiplayer

Local multiplayer allows up to four total players to race simultaneously on one device. Supporting shared controls opens racing to players of all ages.

Tons of Quirky Vehicles to Unlock

Cars, bikes, helicopters, tanks - take your pick from a huge garage of vehicles, each with their own stats and handling.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Compare your lap times globally or with friends. Earn medals by completing challenges.

Development History and Critical Praise

Monster Tracks comes from German indie studio Brave Tortoise, founded by a passionate team of 3D artists and programmers in 2017. They sought to create an enjoyable casual racer focused on varied courses and local multiplayer fun over realism.

Reviewers praised the wacky tracks, tight controls, and family-friendly racing for providing accessible arcade action. Since early access in 2020, the game has seen continual polish and additions.

Accessible Racing Physics on Modest Hardware

With its colorful stylized graphics, Monster Tracks provides silky smooth performance on a wide range of desktop and laptop specs. There's no need for high-end gaming machines to enjoy the over-the-top racing excitement.

The intuitive physics-based driving also translates great to mobile devices. Wherever you play, Monster Tracks delivers a slick racing challenge.

More Must-Play Racers on Unblocked Games Premium

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For more multiplayer mayhem, Tank Trouble and Micro Tanks provide compact head-to-head tank battling too.

Checkered Flag Awaits Monster Tracks' Future

Well supported since early access, Brave Tortoise continues adding more cosmetic customization and quality-of-life improvements to Monster Tracks. But brand new tracks and game modes also loom on the horizon to expand the arcade racing goodness.

So gather your family and friends, select your favorite quirky vehicles, and floor it to pole position today in Monster Tracks on Unblocked Games Premium! Just be sure to hit those loop-de-loops at full speed.

Monster Tracks


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