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Monkey Market Unblocked Games Premium

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Go Bananas for Business in Monkey Market on Unblocked Games Premium

Get ready to go bananas for profits in the zany business simulator Monkey Market! As an entrepreneurial monkey, you'll build shops selling fruits and items to jungle visitors. Manage your inventory and invest wisely to keep customers happy and grow your fortunes. With charming graphics and easy gameplay, Monkey Market delivers lighthearted moneymaking fun on Unblocked Games Premium.

Gameplay: Running Your Monkey Business

In Monkey Market, you use the mouse to build shelves and storage to display your wares. Buy produce like bananas and coconuts at low cost, then mark up and sell them to shoppers.

Keep popular items stocked to earn more money from sales. Upgrade to auto-harvesters to increase stock automatically. Build multiple shops with helpful staff for passive income streams.

Visit the bank to track profit milestones. Buy business permits to expand your retail empire in new jungle areas. Can your inner entrepreneur create a fruit selling mega-corporation?

Appealing Features That Make Monkey Market Addictive

Shop Customization and Decoration

Make each shop unique with wall decor, flooring, counters, and shelf layouts. Express your inner interior designer!

15 Tropical Zones to Develop

Build shops and storage across a vibrant jungle, desert oasis, volcano, and more exotic locations. Discover what sells best in each habitat.

10 Upgradable Monkey Assistants

Hire staff like Coco the shopkeeper and harvesting monkeys to automate progress and free up your time.

Prestige System for Long-Term Goals

Reset your progress at any point to earn permanent upgrades that speed up future games exponentially.

Fun Graphics and Sounds

Charming happy monkey designs and mellow music create a relaxing backdrop for business strategy.

Development History and Critical Praise

Created by French studio StopGameStudio, Monkey Market launched on mobile in 2021 after over a year in development. Their goal was a visually pleasing idle business simulator accessible for all ages.

Reviewers praised the cute graphics and incremental progression for providing low-pressure fun. StopGameStudio continues updating the game with new content like inventory items, shop decor, and monkey staff.

Manage Your Empire from Desktop to Mobile

As a lightweight web-based game, Monkey Market transitions seamlessly from desktop to mobile. Store management and strategy work great with mouse or touch input.

Simplified graphics allow Monkey Market to run performantly on nearly any device. You can grow your banana bonanza anytime, anywhere!

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Bright Future for Monkey Market

With a roadmap of new features ahead, Monkey Market shows no signs of slowing down. Upcoming additions planned include more shop items, complex recipe crafting, new helper monkeys, and visual weather effects for zones.

If you think you have the business savvy to dominate the digital fruit trade, grab your suit and get ready to go bananas in Monkey Market on Unblocked Games Premium today!

Monkey Market


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