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Mini Putt Unblocked Games Premium

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Master the Greens in Mini Putt on Unblocked Games Premium

Grab your putter and step up to the tee for casual golfing fun in Mini Putt. With easy one-click swinging, you'll work your way through charming miniature golf courses filled with hazards and contraptions. Knock balls into the holes in as few strokes as possible to earn tickets and unlock new clubs and balls. Mini Putt offers big putting thrills on Unblocked Games Premium.

Controls and Gameplay: Becoming a Putting Pro

In Mini Putt, you drag the ball with your mouse to aim, then click to swing your club and take your shot. Factor in the course’s slopes and barriers as you line up angles to sink the ball.

Each new hole presents a unique challenge, like looping rollercoasters or water mills. Earn a hole-in-one by sinking your ball in just one stroke. Take too many swings and you’ll be penalized.

Collect tickets from each hole based on your performance. Spend these to unlock stylish new putters and golf balls with special physics to improve your game. Master all 18 holes across 6 wacky courses!

Features That Make Mini Putt a (Hole) in One

Simple One-Click Swinging

With just a click to swing your club, anyone can easily putt away - no complex meters or forces to master.

Charming 3D Diorama Courses

Vivid colors and smooth animations make creatively themed courses like Pirate Cove come alive. They’re a joy to putt through.

Special Golf Balls Change Things Up

Balls with effects like tractor beams and zero friction provide new challenges and ways to sink tough shots.

Relaxing Ambient Music

Soothing tunes create a mellow backdrop as you line up putts on the pleasing dioramas. Perfect for kicking back.

No Pressure - Just Fun

With no limits or penalties for taking your time, Mini Putt provides accessible, casual fun for all skill levels.

Development History and Critical Praise

Mini Putt comes from Roxo Games, an indie studio known for addictive mini-game concepts like Rocking Pilot. Seeking a hyper-casual experience anyone could enjoy, they crafted Mini Putt's simple swinging and gorgeous diorama courses in 2020.

Critics praised the charming graphics and calming gameplay for providing a satisfying quick gaming escape. It joined Roxo's catalog of creatively relaxed casual titles.

Accessible Putting Physics on Any Platform

As a web-based game built in HTML5, Mini Putt works smoothly right in your desktop browser on any common operating system. Its cute art style also scales down perfectly for mobile.

With easy controls and automatic shot power, even less powerful hardware can handle guiding balls into the tiny holes. Mini Putt is truly mini in its system demands.

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The Future Looks Bright for Mini Putt

Having already expanded beyond its initial 6 courses, Mini Putt promises even more novelty holes and customization unlocks in future updates. And with colorful dioramas waiting to be brought to life, Roxo can add courses endlessly.

Take your putter out for casual fun or an intense hole-in-one challenge in Mini Putt on Unblocked Games Premium. Just watch out for those looping rollercoaster hazards along the way!

Mini Putt


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