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Mineparkour Unblocked Games Premium

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Master Treacherous Obstacles in Mineparkour on Unblocked Games Premium

Experience the thrill of graceless parkour in the blocky world of Mineparkour. Using the iconic character Steve from Minecraft, you'll jump, climb, and grapple across perilous landscapes riddled with lava, TNT, and other hazards. One false move sends you plunging into the void! Easy to pick up but tough to conquer, Mineparkour brings intense platforming action to Unblocked Games Premium.

Controls and Gameplay: Running the Course

In Mineparkour, you use the WASD or arrow keys to move Steve left, right, and forward. Jump over gaps with W and climb up blocks by holding forward against them.

Time your jumps carefully - landing in lava or falling off the stage means instant failure. Collect gems along the way for points and avoid TNT barrels that explode after a few seconds.

Each new level ups the challenge with tricky obstacles to overcome. How far through the 100 deadly stages can you progress? Your parkour skills will be pushed to the limit!

Why Mineparkour Stands Out Among Parkour Games

Intense Minecraft-Themed Platforming

The blocky Minecraft-inspired graphics combined with pixel perfect jumps creates addictive, ragdoll-filled gameplay. Running the courses is challenging and hilarious.

100 Unique Levels Across 5 Worlds

Test your skills in areas ranging from grasslands to Nether fortresses. Ever-changing obstacles keep the platforming exciting.

Global and Friends Leaderboards

Compare your completion times with players worldwide or challenge your own friends' times. Can you dominate the boards?

Unlockable Characters and Skins

Stand out from Steve by unlocking new playable characters like Alex, a zombie, and more. Change your look with skins.

Frequent Updates with New Content

The developers constantly add more levels, obstacles, skins and game modes, keeping Mineparkour fresh.

Development History and Critical Praise

Created by French studio NoxTeam, Mineparkour first arrived on mobile in 2017, delivering a challenging dose of parkour to the massively popular world of Minecraft.

Reviewers praised the game's immediately familiar Minecraft style paired with difficult jumping action requiring pinpoint timing. It remains one of the top games utilizing the iconic blocky aesthetic.

Parkour Platforming on Desktop and Mobile

Originally a mobile release, Mineparkour's simple pixel graphics and controls make the transition to desktop seamless. Play easily with your keyboard or use a mobile port for on-the-go parkour.

The game's smaller file size also ensures smooth performance without needing a high-end computer. All you need is patience and quick reflexes!

Even More Platforming Challenges on Unblocked Games Premium

If you love putting your parkour skills to the test, be sure to also try out the popular Run series and The Impossible Quiz on Unblocked Games Premium. Hundreds of levels will push your coordination to the limits!

For more block-based worlds to explore, give Block Craft 3D and Worldcraft a play. Mineparkour really mines the best of both genres.

The Future Looks Bright for Mineparkour

Recently reaching 100 levels, Mineparkour continues evolving with new themed worlds, obstacles, power-ups and playable characters coming soon. NoxTeam is committed to expanding the platforming fun.

If you think you have the reflexes to conquer the treacherous courses, start sprinting and leaping into Mineparkour on Unblocked Games Premium today! Just be prepared for some hilarious ragdoll moments.



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