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Defend Your Coop in Merge Cannon Chicken Defender


Get ready to go beak-to-beak against menacing foxes and weasels in Merge Cannon Chicken Defender. This wacky tower defense game challenges you to expand your chicken coop, gather resources, and arm feathered defenders to stop hungry predators in their tracks. With its cute art style and strategic merging action, protecting your flock has never been so fun.

How to Play

As defender of the coop, you must build up your farm by merging together chickens, eggs, hay bales and ore into stronger variants. Position chickens along the path to attack invading foxes using their egg cannons before they reach your precious chicks.

Analyze enemy attack patterns and routes to strategically combine your chickens for maximum firepower. Cast spells like Egg Storm for added offense. Upgrade your coop for economic bonuses. Balance your resources to continue strengthening your flock.

With increasingly challenging predator types, it will take sharp tactics and quick thinking to ensure your fine feathered friends survive each night. The hungry hunters approach - get merging!

Key Features

  • 100+ levels across idyllic farms, forests, beaches, and more environments.

  • Satisfying strategic merging and management gameplay.

  • Colorful animal characters with humorous animations and sounds.

  • Multiple chicken types with unique abilities to upgrade.

  • Daily challenges and special events add variety.

  • No internet connection required for offline portability.

Charming Pixel Art Style

Merge Cannon Chicken Defender features adorable pixel art graphics reminiscent of 16-bit classics. The fluffy chickens and toothy predators have tons of personality thanks to lively movements and expressions.

Happy chiptune music backs the lighthearted farmyard fun whilesound effects like aggressive fox snarls and poultry panic punctuate the action. The polished retro presentation adds to the charm.

Development History and Reception

Indie studio Supy Games first introduced Merge Cannon Chicken Defender in 2020, blending tower defense with match-3 merging and economic strategy genres into an approachable yet deep experience.

Reviewers praised the addictive core merging loop which avoided feeling like a mindless grind thanks to challenging enemy patterns testing your ingenuity. Balancing casual appeal with strategic depth makes it engaging for all.

Technical Details and Performance

Built using the Unity engine, Merge Cannon Chicken Defender runs smoothly in browser without needing installation. It works well across desktop and mobile provided ad blockers are disabled.

The gameplay is comfortably optimized even for low-end hardware. Controls are simple point and click merging actions. Ensure Flash is enabled for full functionality. An internet connection is only required for updates.

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The Future of Chicken Defender

With Merge Cannon Chicken Defender now content complete, the developers plan to support it long-term through optimization patches, daily challenges, and special holiday events to regularly return for.

Potential expansions mentioned include new enemy types or chicken breeds, local co-op, and a level editor for user-created content. But the addictive core gameplay provides endless merging tower defense fun even without additions. Cluck yes!


What's the best strategy for passing levels?

Focus on upgrading your most powerful chicken types first. Locate merged chickens to intercept multiple paths. Upgrade the coop for economy boosts.

Is there PvP versus mode?

Not currently - all play is against enemy AI predators, either alone or cooperatively. PvP isn't ruled out for a future update however.

Can I replay already completed levels?

Yes, finished levels can be repeated to achieve a higher star rating, earn more currency, or just enjoy experimenting with new strategies.

Is offline play available?

Yes, Merge Cannon Chicken Defender can be fully played offline without an internet connection required once initially loaded in browser.

Do choices or upgrades carry across playthroughs?

No, each session starts fresh without already merged chickens or upgrades. The skill earned does translate though!

Defend Your Flock from Hungry Predators

With deceptively deep strategy merged with an adorable animal theme, Merge Cannon Chicken Defender is an essential tower defense experience for newcomers and veterans alike. Get ready to fortify your coop and show those foxes your pecking order! Cluck yeah for chicken domination!

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defender


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