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Master Spells in Charming Magic Cat Academy


Magic Cat Academy brings a feline twist to classic wizard school adventures. As a new student at this school of sorcery, you must master magical arts like potion brewing, herbology, beast taming, and more to pass your exams and become a superstar sorcerer.

With its cute art style, talking animal characters, and accessible spellcasting gameplay, Magic Cat Academy delivers lighthearted supernatural fun. Get ready to charm your way through magic school!

How to Play

In Magic Cat Academy, you play as a rookie wizard cat learning the mystical arts. Attend classes to learn spells like telekinesis, plant growth, invisibility, and elemental magic. Study hard to pass pop quizzes and exams.

Between classes, bond with classmates and help them out to unlock side stories. Mix potions using alchemy recipes. Tend the greenhouse garden. Side activities help improve your skills and grades.

Combine learned spells to overcome obstacles blocking your graduation. Turn rival students into allies using your compassion. Pass final exams by demonstrating your newfound mystical mastery.

Key Features

  • 30+ spells to learn across 8 schools of magic like Floramancy and Clairaudience

  • Mini-games that test spellcasting abilities and potion mixing skills

  • Side quests with classmates that provide friendship, romance, or rivalry

  • Fantastical talking animal characters like Phoenixes and Jackalopes

  • Shop system for buying gifts, outfits, familiars, brooms, and wands

Vibrant Anime Visuals

Magic Cat Academy utilizes a colorful anime-influenced art style. The magical cat students are full of personality with detailed animations and expressions. Environments like classrooms capture the whimsy.

Upbeat orchestral music adds positive energy between story moments. Charming voice acting from a furry cast brings characters to life. The polished presentation matches the lighthearted tone perfectly.

Development and Critical Reception

Created by Singaporean indie studio Isotope 244, Magic Cat Academy first launched on mobile in 2021 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game quickly found an audience looking for inclusive magical escapes.

Reviewers praised the refreshing perspective of a magical school story driven by outcast characters. While built on familiar tropes, the charm, humor, and casual gameplay gave it wide appeal.

Technical Details and Performance

Built in Unity, Magic Cat Academy runs smoothly in browser without needing installation. It works well on most desktops and mobile devices thanks to its simpler visual style.

Controls are intuitive point-and-click commands. On lower settings some cutscenes may lag but do not impact gameplay. Ensure you allow permission to save data for progress. An internet connection enables cloud syncing.

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The Future of Magic Cat Academy

With the full game now available, the developers plan to support it long-term with additional story episodes focused on new characters and classes. Paid cosmetic DLC is also likely.

Potential upcoming features mentioned include expanded romance options, multiplayer modes, spell combination creations, dueling clubs, and the ability to adopt magical creatures. Fans eagerly await future chances to revisit the charming world of Magic Cat Academy.


Does my choice of cat breed affect gameplay?

No, it's purely cosmetic. Pick your favorite! Attribute points can later be assigned to your wizard kitty.

Is there combat in Magic Cat Academy?

Very minor. It focuses on relationships over conflict. Duels against rival students are won using your wits.

Can I customize my dorm room?

Yes! Using currency earned in classes, you can decorate your living space with furniture, flags, trophies, and more.

Does levelling up grant new abilities?

Yes, you unlock more potent spells and recipe combinations. Higher grades also let you access new classroom lessons.

Can I romance multiple classmates?

No, you have to choose a single romance option. But you can still befriend all classmates platonically if you wish.

Enroll in Charming Cat Wizard School

For a delightful magical adventure filled with friendship and whimsy, Magic Cat Academy delivers in spades. Now grab your wand, study hard, and get ready to ace your supernatural exams on the path to becoming a master wizard. Abracadabra!

Magic Cat Academy


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