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Like a King Unblocked Games Premium

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Rule Your Kingdom in Like a King


Ever dreamed of sitting on the throne and ruling your own realm? In Like a King, you get to live out those monarchic fantasies by building a kingdom, commanding loyal subjects, and making decisions that shape the fate of the land. With fun cartoon graphics and easy-to-grasp gameplay, now anyone can know what it's like to reign supreme.

How to Play

As the newly crowned ruler in Like a King, it falls to you to transform a humble village into a sprawling kingdom by giving orders to your subjects. Direct them to construct buildings like farms, barracks, and markets to generate resources.

Resources allow recruiting more villagers, research, and building improvements. Balancing food, gold, wood, and population growth through strategic building placement is key. Beware dragons and invaders threatening your domain!

You can directly influence your subjects' behavior through social policies and edicts. Weigh their benefits versus popularity impacts carefully. Your decisions shape whether your legacy is one of a wise leader or cruel tyrant.

Key Features

Like a King offers hours of accessible strategic gameplay. Policies grant unique bonuses when enacted. Edicts like tournaments and festivals provide morale boosts. Advisors help guide your decisions.

A research tree unlocks advanced buildings, resources, and more. Challenge mode delivers quick 5-10 minute games to test your ruler reflexes. With enough gold, you can even rename the entire kingdom after yourself!

Charming Low Poly Visuals

Although simplistic in style, Like a King's low-poly models are brimming with character thanks to lively animations and expressive sound effects. Villagers cheer, chop wood, and hustle about conducting their roles.

The upbeat fantasy music pairs nicely with the cheery art style. Advisors and event sounds grab your attention when needed. While not flashy, the charming presentation and responsive interface enhance the core gameplay loop.

Development History and Reception

Created by Minnesota-based indie studio Lion's Shade Games, Like a King entered Early Access on Steam in 2021. Positive user reviews praised its personality and well-tuned challenge over complexity.

Critics noted that while streamlined compared to hardcore management simulations, Like a King succeeded by focusing on fun king roleplaying. It carved out a welcoming niche for novice kingdom builders through strong presentation.

Technical Details and Performance

Thanks to Unity engine support, Like a King can run smoothly in browser without needing installation. Performance should be consistent on most modern hardware assuming no other intensive programs are open.

On lesser devices, reducing visual settings helps overhead. Controls are simple point-and-click commands. Ensure Flash is enabled and that you have a stable internet connection for full functionality.

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For more casual kingdom simulations, Worldbuilder and Stick War: Legacy are great alternatives. Knights and Lords offers fantasy army tactics.

The Future of Like a King

The full 1.0 version of Like a King is slated for release in 2023. Planned additions before then include more building types, ruler customization, magic spells, and creatures. Steam Workshop support will enable modding.

The developers at Lion's Shade Games aim to continue expanding the game with new biomes, resources, events, and quality-of-life features over time based on community feedback. A bright future of updates awaits this charming kingdom.


What structures should I prioritize first?

Focus on Food and Wood production early so you can expand your population faster.Unlock farms and sawmills ASAP.

Should I invest in military or economy?

Balance both, but economy sets the ceiling for your military strength via resources. Prioritize economy, then bolster defenses.

Is there a way to speed up or slow time?

Yes, you can freely adjust the rate of time passage at any point depending on your needs and playstyle.

How can I increase villager happiness?

Enacting festivals, tournaments, and policies like healthcare and education boost happiness and population growth.

Is there a story campaign or narrative?

No, Like a King is currently a purely open-ended sandbox rather than having a guided story or objectives beyond growing your realm.

Rule Over Your Fantasy Kingdom

Like a King makes living the monarch experience a lighthearted delight rather than burdensome ordeal. Now seize your crown, command your loyal citizens, and build a powerful yet benevolent empire to stand the test of time. Just beware the corruption of absolute power!

Like a King


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