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Knights vs Orcs - Defend Against the Orc Horde in this Tower Defense Game

Rally your forces and prepare for battle - the ravenous orc horde approaches! In Knights vs Orcs, the popular tower defense game, waves of brutish orcs are marching to destroy your kingdom. Available exclusively here at Unblocked Games Premium, it’s up to you to strategically place knight towers and cast powerful spells to defend the realm from annihilation. With its fun fantasy theme, compelling tower defense gameplay, and enormous 40+ hour campaign, Knights vs Orcs is an essential title for strategy fans.

Overview and Gameplay

In Knights vs Orcs, you command a kingdom defending against a relentless onslaught of orc invaders. Build archer towers, infantry towers, wizard towers, and more to take down the foes before they can reach and damage your castle. Between waves, spend gold earned from fallen orcs to upgrade towers or place new ones.

The orcs come in all shapes and sizes, from diminutive goblins to mountainous ogres. Each has different stats like speed, armor, and damage to consider when planning your defenses. Manage your gold wisely to deal with aerial, ground, and siege threats.

With rock solid tower defense gameplay refined over numerous iterations, Knights vs Orcs will truly test your tactical skills across its 40+ hour campaign and survival modes. The quest to defend the realm begins now!

Varied Towers and Spells

Knights vs Orcs provides 20+ distinct towers and spells spanning ranged, melee, magic, and more. Archer garrisons pepper orcs with arrows while infantry towers form vital melee barriers. Lightning towers stun and shred foes with area damage. Each tower has strengths and weaknesses to consider.

Powerful spells like meteor strikes, healing aura, and freeze bombs can be cast for game-changing effects. But use them sparingly, as mana regenerates slowly. Combining diverse towers and spells to counter each wave provides deep strategic opportunities.

Specialized towers can also be unlocked by completing bonus objectives like using only fire attacks or surviving without any infantry. This adds tremendous replay value on top of the massive campaign.

Hundreds of Enemies and Bosses

While towers provide the means, the orcs themselves shape the action. Over 300 distinct enemy types will test the limits of your defenses across thousands of waves. Early goblins give way to blade-spinning orc copters, towering stone golems, and beyond.

Menacing boss enemies require specific tower placements and spell timing to take down. But the reward is massive gold for critical upgrades. Even after hours of play, new enemy configurations will challenge your tactical expertise and reflexes.

With its tremendous variety of minions and bosses, Knights vs Orcs offers near infinite opportunities to defend your kingdom in new ways. Each wave brings fresh challenges to overcome in your valiant stand.

Defend civilization from the rampaging green menace in Knights vs Orcs, exclusively here on [Unblocked Games Premium](website name). With rock solid tower defense gameplay, hundreds of upgrades, and seemingly endless hordes of orcs, it's an essential title for strategy fans. Now take up arms and fight for the realm!

Knights vs Orcs


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