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Get Ready to Kick Butt in Wacky Boss Brawler Kick the Boss

Beat Up Outrageous Bosses in This Stress-Relieving Game

Let loose and beat up the boss in Kick the Boss, the cathartic brawler game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Select your fighter, arm yourself with crazy weapons and powerups, then kick, smash, and pummel the boss into next week! With ragdoll physics and absurd abilities, Kick the Boss is stress relief gaming at its finest.

Punch, Slam, and Smash the Boss

Gameplay is delightfully simple - tap or click to have your character unleash an onslaught of attacks against the well-dressed boss. Punches, dives, throws, kicks, and more send him bouncing hilariously around the room. Unlock new attack moves and combos as you play to vary up the beatdown. Wail away to your heart's content!

Make Each Fight Unique

Before each bout, spend coins on powerups like damaging auras, critical hit bonuses, ignite abilities, and dozens more to amplify your attacks. Or equip zany weapons and items like swords, grenades, bombs, and jetpacks for creative means of dishing out damage. With hundreds of ways to pummel the boss, no two fights ever feel the same.

Battle Through Story Campaigns

Take the battle across the globe in unique story campaigns like Office Rage, Dragon Legend, Tech City, and Ninja Saga. Each campaign features multiple outrageously-dressed bosses with their own fighting arenas. Unlock and upgrade special moves unique to each campaign for maximum butt-kicking!

Endless Arcade Action

For quick beat 'em up action, jump into Endless Mode where bosses of increasing difficulty continually spawn. How long can you last against the endless onslaught? Climb the online leaderboards by earning high scores based on damaging the most bosses before finally succumbing.

Friends and Competitive Multiplayer

Add friends for co-op boss battles where you team up to create devastating attack combos. Or face off head-to-head and find out who can defeat the boss first! Weekly competitive events let you battle other players for unique rewards and prizes.

Stress-Busting Gameplay

With its simple controls, ragdoll physics, absurd abilities, and sheer silliness, Kick the Boss is digital stress relief. Take out your frustrations by drop kicking an obnoxious boss into a wall at full force! Get ready to kick some butt today on Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kick the Boss have violence or blood?
No! It's cartoony with no gore or realism. Good silly fun.

How many bosses are in the game?
Over 35 unique bosses across all the campaigns, with more added regularly!

Can I play Kick the Boss on mobile devices?
Currently mobile ports are not available, but are planned for the future.

Do I need a controller or can I use keyboard?
It works great with just keyboard controls! But controllers are supported too.

What are the system requirements for PC?
Most modern PCs can run it smoothly. A discrete GPU is recommended.

Kick the Boss


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