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Pedal to the Metal in High-Speed Racer Joyrider

Outrace Cops and Rivals in this Illegal Street Racing Game

Crank your stereo and put the pedal to the metal in Joyrider, the intense street racing game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Select your ride, trick it out, and tear up the city streets eluding the police. With customizable cars, high-speed pursuits, and reckless driving, this is criminal racing at its best!

Intuitive Driving Physics

Guiding your street racer is intuitive using WASD or arrow keys. But mastering drifting around corners, balancing nitrous usage, and evading cops takes skill. Upgrade engine, turbo, and handling components to tune your car's performance. Finesse your driving talents to outrun and outmaneuver anything the city throws at you. The accessible controls make picking up and playing Joyrider a breeze.

Evade Pursuing Police

Part of the thrill of illegal street racing is avoiding the law. As you tear through city streets, police will give chase trying to bust you. Use narrow alleys and garages to break their line of sight. Or hit strategically placed ramps to leap over their roadblocks. But get busted too many times and its game over!

Pimp Your Ride with Upgrades

As you progress, earn cash winnings to upgrade your car's performance and aesthetics. Swap engines, add turbochargers, tune the suspension, change paint colors, and more. Find the perfect setup that fits your driving style. A fast car is a beautiful thing!

Race Other Drivers for Dominance

Driving solo practicing your skills is fun, but the real thrill comes from competing against other racers. Challenge opponents in intense 1v1 races where cunning use of nitrous and slick maneuvers determines the winner. Or enter 8 driver tournaments to really test your mettle. Leave your rivals in the dust and make a name for yourself!

Escape the Law in High-Speed Chases

With its thrilling police pursuits, destructive driving, and high stakes competition, Joyrider makes you feel like a true outlaw racer. Can you become the city's racing icon while evading capture from the law? Get behind the wheel today on Unblocked Games Premium and go on a crazy joyride!

The Future of Street Racing Games

The developers have big plans to evolve Joyrider into the definitive street racing experience with new tracks, cars, customization options, multiplayer modes, and expanded community features on the horizon following early access. Strap in and get in on the ground floor of the next big illegal racing game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Joyrider support steering wheel controllers?
Absolutely! Most consumer wheels and pedals are fully supported. Tune sensitivity to your liking.

Are new cars and customization added frequently?
Yes, the devs add new content every 1-2 months on average.

Can I play offline against AI drivers only?
Yes, there is a full offline Outlaw career campaign mode to hone skills before going online.

Do I need a high-end PC to run Joyrider?
A discrete GPU is recommended for best graphics, but integrated GPUs can run it too.

Is Joyrider appropriate for kids?
Parental guidance suggested due to criminal themes. Ideal for teens and up.



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