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Jet Boi Unblocked Games Premium

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Take to the Skies in High-Flying Platformer Jet Boi

Whip Around Stages with Unique Rocket Propelled Gameplay

Prepare for takeoff in Jet Boi, the rocket-powered platforming game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Step into the rocket boots of the boisterous Jet Boi and whip across over 100 fast-paced levels. With easy to learn controls and wildly explosive action, Jet Boi will blast a grin on your face!

Intuitive Rocket Controls

Using your arrow keys, tap left/right to drift in either direction. Hold down to ignite your jetpack for vertical ascension or horizontal flight. Learning precisely when to drift, rocket jump, or blaze forward takes finesse, but the controls quickly become second nature. Before you know it, you'll be jetting around stages masterfully.

Navigate Zany Obstacles

Put your flying skills to the test against all manner of imaginative obstacles like floating mines, roving spotlights, electrified walls, pneumatic crushers, and much more. With well-tuned, randomized level generation, each new run feels challenging but conquerable. Think fast to utilize your full rocket-powered arsenal against whatever the game throws your way!

Gather Powerups for Secret Paths

Collect flame, frost, and other elemental powerups to unlock secret areas and shortcuts. Backtrack with new abilities to find treasure chests containing coins, cosmetics, and even hidden mini-games! Exploration is greatly rewarded.

Compete and Socialize on Leaderboards

Compare your stage times and collectible totals against friends and other players from around the world via global leaderboards. Join the official Jet Boi Discord server to chat with fellow high fliers, discuss tactics, and share your best runs. Friendly competition pushes you to get out there and go for the gold!

Updates Add New Content

The Jet Boi developers actively engage with the community to shape upcoming content updates. Major expansions add new level packs, powerups, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, and more. With long term plans for over 300 stages, there's plenty more rocketing madness on the horizon!

Endless High-Flying Fun

With tight controls, epic explosive action, vibrant retro graphics, and hilarious personality, Jet Boi delivers addictive rocket platforming insanity. Take to the skies today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete all the levels?
Over 3-4 hours for average players. Expert speedrunners can finish faster!

Can I play Jet Boi on mobile devices?
Not currently, but a mobile port is planned for the future.

Does Jet Boi have controller support?
Yes! Gamepads and keyboards are fully customizable.

Is there a multiplayer co-op mode?
Local co-op is currently supported, with online co-op planned.

Are there difficulty options for younger kids?
Yes, the game has three difficulty modes to make it more approachable.

Jet Boi


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