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Idle Tree City Unblocked Games Premium

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Grow a Forest Kingdom in Idle Tree City

Relaxing World-Building Meets Addicting Idle Progression

Plant the seeds of a mighty forest kingdom in Idle Tree City, the nature-themed idle clicker game now available on Unblocked Games Premium. Starting with just an acorn, tap to grow trees and evolve them into a sprawling city. With soothing visuals and zen gameplay, this is the perfect idle game to unwind with.

Tap to Plant and Nurture Trees

Getting started is simple - just tap your mouse to plant acorn seeds and water growing saplings. As your trees mature, name them and customize their appearances with cute hats and accessories! Upgrade to autoplanting tools and sprinklers to grow your forest automatically.

Evolve Trees into Buildings

Over time, transform your sturdy oaks and pines into shops, homes, parks, and other buildings. Mix and match cute dwellings like mushroom houses, birdhouses, and fairy treehouses. Each building provides unique gameplay benefits, like generating more seeds or improving production speed.

Prestige for Faster Growth

When your tree city stops expanding, use the Prestige ability to reset your progress in exchange for major growth boosts. With each reset, regrowing your forest will be exponentially faster. Plan your prestige strategy carefully to maximize your tree planting speed!

Dynamic Living World

As your city grows, you'll attract adorable wildlife residents like birds, bunnies, foxes, and more. They'll visit periodically bringing helpful bonuses. During different seasons your trees change color and sprout flowers or snow. Day and night cycles create cozy atmospheres. Your tree kingdom feels alive!

Relaxing Ambient Audio

Chirping birds, calming wind chimes and rustling leaves create an ultra-soothing soundscape perfect for playing at work or before bed. Coupled with the charming low poly art style, this is an idle game that's perfect for unwinding.

Wholesome Fun For All Ages

With its charming nature theme, cute visuals, and total lack of violence or conflict, Idle Tree City is a great idle game for players of all ages. Plant the seeds of your virtual forest paradise today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ending point or is it endless?
The game can be completed by fully upgrading everything, but there's no concrete ending.

Are there microtransactions?
Nope! Everything is unlocked through regular gameplay only.

Does it work offline?
You can play offline but won't have cloud save access or leaderboards.

How long does a prestige cycle take?
Anywhere from 30-90 minutes. Prestige often for fastest progress.

Can I play on mobile?
Not currently, but a mobile port is planned. PC/Mac only for now.

Idle Tree City


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