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Build a Business Empire in Idle Startup Company

Incremental Idle Gameplay Meets Startup Simulation

Experience the addictive fun of growing a business from scratch in Idle Startup Company, the wildly popular idle incremental game available now on Unblocked Games Premium. Starting in your parents' garage, tap and idle your way to a massive corporate empire! With deep prestige-based progression and tons of wacky businesses to grow, this game is a must-play for idle game fans.

Tap to Complete Tasks, Upgrade for Automation

Getting started is simple - tap to complete basic tasks like making sales calls and filling orders. Reinvest your profits to hire managers who will automate these tasks for you. Before you know it, you'll have layers of managers running huge departments that rake in cash around the clock!

Prestige for Exponential Growth

Once progress stalls, use the Prestige ability to reset back to the beginning in exchange for powerful boosts. Each reset will compound your earnings exponentially through the magic of automation and upgrades. Meticulous prestige planning is vital to pushing profits into the trillions!

Expand to New Industries

Grow your company from a measly garage operation into an international conglomerate by expanding into exciting new industries like airlines, pizza delivery, professional streaming, amusement parks, and more! Each new business offers unique upgrades and perks.

Wacky Parody Businesses

Idle Startup Company sets itself apart with its hilarious parodies of famous real-world companies and brands. Grow ventures like Yeet (Twitter), MyBook (Facebook), Greasy Gear (Apple), Mamazon (Amazon), and hundreds more! The wacky humor and references will keep you smiling as your profits skyrocket.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Compare your business prowess by climbing the realtime global leaderboards for profits, businesses created, and tasks completed. Earn fun collectible avatars by completing achievements and milestones. Bring some friendly competition to the idle gameplay.

Endless Hours of Addicting Progression

With over 500 businesses to grow, thousands of upgrades to discover, and almost unlimited prestige potential, Idle Startup Company provides seemingly endless incremental progression. Play actively or idle for hours, your corporate empire will keep growing! Build a legendary parody business empire today, only at Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game playable offline?
You can play offline but won't have leaderboards or cloud save access.

Does it work on mobile devices?
Not currently, but a mobile port is planned. PC/Mac only for now.

Are there ads or microtransactions?
Nope, Idle Startup Company is 100% free! All content unlocks through gameplay.

How long does a reset take?
Anywhere from 30-90 minutes actively. Resetting often is key.

What are the system requirements?
Most modern devices can run it. Minimum is dual core CPU and 4GB RAM.

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