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Build Your Mining Empire in Addicting Idle Gameplay

Progress from Pickaxes to Planetary Excavation

Discover deeply satisfying incremental progression in Idle Mining Empire, the hit idle clicker game now playable on Unblocked Games Premium. Starting with just a pickaxe, build and upgrade your mining operation until you're extracting resources across multiple planets! With tons of upgrades to discover, this idle game will turn you into a wealthy intergalactic tycoon.

Tap to Mine, Upgrade for Automation

Getting started is simple - click to swing your pickaxe and gather basic resources. Over time, reinvest your earnings into automation upgrades like drill robots, conveyor belts, and ore refineries. Before you know it, you'll have a huge automated mining empire that generates resources even when you're away!

Prestige for Massive Profits

Once your income slows down, use the Prestige ability to cash out your empire and start fresh at a far more advanced stage. With each reset, your earnings will skyrocket higher through the exponential power of automation. Careful prestige planning is key to pushing your profits into the trillions!

Expand to New Worlds

As your homeworld's resources deplete, purchase wormhole gateways to reach abundant new planets and moons. Discover rare metals, alien artifacts, and exclusive upgrades on each new world. Expand your operations to multiple celestial bodies to really watch your income take off!

Leaderboards and Achievements

See how your space mining prowess stacks up against others with real-time global leaderboards tracking profits and resources mined. Complete fun side goals and challenges to unlock collectible skins for your equipment. Bring some friendly competition to the relaxing incremental gameplay.

Regular Content Updates

The developers frequently add major content updates with new worlds to explore, minerals to extract, milestones to achieve, and fun visual themes. Significant quality of life improvements continue to polish and enhance the experience.

Unmatched Idle Game Depth

Boasting over 150 upgrades and some of the deepest prestige progression around, Idle Mining Empire sets itself apart with incredible depth and staying power. Play actively or idle for hours, your empire will keep growing! Create the ultimate automated mining juggernaut today, only on Unblocked Games Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Idle Mining Empire playable offline?

You can play offline but will not have access to leaderboards and saves.

Are there ads or microtransactions?
No, the game is 100% free and unlockable through gameplay only.

How long does it take to prestige?
Around 1-2 hours actively playing per reset. Idle play takes longer.

Does the game work on mobile devices?
Not currently, but a mobile port is planned. PC only for now.

Do I need a powerful computer to run it?
Idle Mining Empire works on most modern devices. Minimum requirements: Dual core CPU and 4GB RAM.

Idle Mining Empire


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