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Smash Bricks Endlessly in Addicting Idle Breakout

The Classic Arkanoid Formula Taken to New Idle Game Heights

Experience a fresh twist on the beloved brick breaking genre with Idle Breakout, the hit idle game take on arcade classics like Arkanoid and Breakout. Just available on Unblocked Games Premium, bounce balls to smash bricks and watch your profits pile up...even when you're not playing! With simple one-click mechanics blended with deep incremental upgrades, Idle Breakout will turn you into a brick busting tycoon.

One-Click Brick Smashing

The core gameplay loop is delightfully simple. Click anywhere to have the ball smash bricks, earning coins with each destruction. Spend coins on upgrades like more balls, improved bats, and powerups. Then watch as your improved equipment clears screens faster and faster automatically, even when you're not clicking. With each upgrade you'll exponentially increase your brick busting power!

Prestige for Massive Profits

Once your profits slow down, activate the Prestige ability to cash out and reset at a more advanced stage. Each reset increases the strength of your upgrades, so you earn bricks back faster. By carefully alternating prestiging and upgrading, earnings quickly snowball into the trillions! The numbers get impressively big.

Tons of Upgrades and Powerups

Spend your endless coins on game-changing upgrades like multiball, laser bats, autograb powerups, critical hit chance, and much more. Activate random powerups like bombs, catching gloves, and gold brick frenzies for bursts of profits. With over 50 permanent upgrades and counting, the deep prestige progression system will have you hooked.

Leaderboards and Achievements

See how your totals stack up against other players on the real-time global leaderboards for most bricks broken and coins earned. Complete achievements and challenges to unlock rare collectible skins. Bring a bit of friendly competition to this relaxing idle game experience.

Generated Levels

Idle Breakout keeps the brick busting fresh with procedurally generated levels of varying shape, size, and difficulty. No two runs feel quite the same. Switch between themes like space, underwater, and forest for different visuals and sound effects.

The Ultimate Brick Breaker

Combining the intuitive fun of brick breaking classics with modern idle game depth, Idle Breakout provides endless hours of addicting incremental progression and laidback gameplay. Play during brief breaks or leave it running all day to build your fortunes. With regular content updates, there's always more bricks to smash. Enjoy this fresh reinvention of an arcade legend today on Unblocked Games Premium!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Idle Breakout fully playable offline?

Yes! All core features work offline. You only need an internet connection for leaderboards.

Are there microtransactions or ads?

Nope! Everything can be unlocked through regular gameplay. No annoying ads either.

How long does a full prestige playthrough take?

Anywhere from 30-90 minutes. More with idle play. Prestige often to progress.

My game won't launch, help!

Make sure Flash Player is installed and updated. If issues persist, contact us via Discord.

Does Idle Breakout work on mobile devices?

Not currently, but a mobile port is planned. For now it is PC only.

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