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Dogfight to Glory in Heli Battle Multiplayer Mayhem

Take control of a combat helicopter and face off against rivals in Heli Battle - the action-packed aerial warfare game now playable for free online at unblocked games premium. Equip missiles and unleash Hellfire to dominate opponents in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.

Heli Battle delivers heart-pounding flight combat with intuitive controls and detailed helicopter models. Customize aircraft performance and weapon systems to gain the edge. With strategic dogfighting action across expansive maps, this is multiplayer battle arena excitement perfected for the ultimate thrill ride.

Core Heli Battle Gameplay

Heli Battle drops you into free-for-all or team-based matches with up to 8 human opponents. Eliminate rivals using missiles and machine guns to rack up kills and rise up the scoreboards.

Fly around expansive maps hunting targets while managing speed and altitude to gain tactical position. Hone your evasive maneuvers to survive enemy barrages. Prove your superiority across jet-fueled arenas!

Handling Flight and Combat Controls

Heli Battle strikes a perfect balance between accessibility and depth. The intuitive controls are easy to pick up:

  • Move with WASD keys

  • Aim weapons with mouse

  • Additional hotkeys for special abilities

While mastering advanced combat techniques like juking missiles with rolls and breakneck piloting. Both pros and newcomers can enjoy the action!

Customizing Your Attack Helicopter

Make your aircraft a powerhouse using upgrade points earned by eliminating foes:

  • Increase armor to withstand damage

  • Upgrade engines for agility and speed

  • Enhance countermeasures like flares

  • Expand missile payload capacity

  • Purchase beam-riding Hellfire missiles

Try different specs to match your style - whether it be stealth, speed, or brute firepower.

Numerous Maps Offer Combat Variety

Duel in diverse locations like a desert town, island ruins, artic base, and more - each with distinct terrain to factor into your tactics:

  • Use buildings for cover in urban maps.

  • Hide in canyon networks and foil missile locks.

  • Go vertical in open maps when outnumbered.

  • Catch enemies by surprise around islands and ruins.

Maps keep gameplay feeling fresh as you constantly adapt your flight strategy.

Vibrant Graphics and Sound

Crisis visuals complement the combat intensity. Trails and explosions flare across the battlefield while rotorwash kicks up dust. Flaming wreckage dots the ground as dogfights rage on.

Engine hums, missile whooshes, and weapon fire heighten the audio experience. Heli Battle looks and sounds like you’re in a high-budget action movie!

Long-Term Player Progression

Racking up matches increases your persistent pilot profile level which further upgrades all helicopters. You’re rewarded with expanding content and new equipment to explore.

Dedicated players can unlock elite helicopters like the deadly AH-64 Apache gunship. Dominate these battlefields for hours on end!

Ready for Lift Off?

If competitive multiplayer air combat is your need for speed, Heli Battle satisfies. Experience the thrills of dogfighting today for free at unblocked games premium!

Heli Battle


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