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Happy Wheels - The Hilariously Gory Physics Racer

Love racing games but wish they had more blood and severed limbs? Then Happy Wheels is the hilariously macabre game for you. Created by Jim Bonacci in 2010, Happy Wheels blends ragdoll physics with dark humor for gruesomely fun user-generated levels. Let's dive into why this shockingly popular browser game has delighted so many twisted minds.

Racing Gone Horribly Wrong

Happy Wheels throws you into a wide assortment of deadly obstacle courses on bikes, segways or in wheelchairs. As you careen towards the finish line, dodge spikes, sawblades and worse with simple controls. Lean forward or back to gain speed or reverse direction.

Of course, crashes are inevitable. That's when Happy Wheels' insane physics system goes into overdrive, violently mangling your character into cracked skulls and piled severed body parts. It's gory slapstick at its finest. Somehow, dragging your corpse to the finish provides plenty of macabre laughs.

Wacky Custom Characters

While your options range from an obese office worker on a Segway to a daredevil in a wheelie chair, Irresponsible Dad on a bike is the iconic Happy Wheels character. As his wheels get grinded off or his limbs fly into pieces, his ragdolled body hilariously flaps all over, especially when "body parts detach" is enabled.

Other memorable options are Effective Shopper riding her powered scooter into meat grinders and Segway Guy hilariously losing balance and shattering every bone. The diverse and absurd cast lets you pick your preferred racing dummy.

Limitless User-Generated Mayhem

The real magic of Happy Wheels lies in the enormous library of user-created levels, now numbering over 10 million. Players have crafted everything from fortune wheels to wild rollercoasters filled with jetpacks, portals, rockets and more wacky elements. Of course, tons of levels focus on maximizing carnage with ingenious torture devices.

With the robust level editor, you can craft and share your own demented tracks. Browse by most played, top rated or recent to discover endlessly novel scenarios. The community's creativity ensures fresh madness awaits daily.

Monthly Challenges and YouTube Fame

An active community gathers weekly to compete in official level building contests with fun themes. Monthly "Total Jerkface" challenges set by Happy Wheels' creator also rally players to master sadistic custom stages.

Happy Wheels has also blown up hugely on YouTube, with influencers like PewDiePie and Markiplier screaming their reactions to the brutal chaos. Humorous highlight reels showing the game's most ridiculous ragdoll dismemberments often rack up millions of views.

A One-of-a-Kind Combo

While many games feature ragdoll physics or dark humor, none blend them so seamlessly into original and engaging gameplay quite like Happy Wheels. This unlikely viral hit will make you cackle with schadenfreude as you put hapless riders through ingenious meat grinders limited only by player creativity. If you haven't experienced the hilariously macabre world of Happy Wheels, strap in for a wild ride exclusively on unblocked games premium!

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