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Google Minesweeper Unblocked Games Premium

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Master the Mind Game of Minesweeper

Rediscover the addictive brain-teasing gameplay of Minesweeper - now available to play for free online at unblocked games premium. Select boxes and use logic to navigate minefields in this classic Windows puzzle game.

How to Play Minesweeper

The goal of Minesweeper is to uncover all empty squares on a grid while avoiding hidden mines. Clicking a mine ends the game, so you must deduce their locations. Numbers reveal how many mines border a square, helping you reason what's safe to click.

With each careful turn, you gradually expose more of the board. Quick analytic thinking allows you to sweep smoothly and efficiently. When everything comes together, you feel like a strategic genius!

Logical Deduction and Guessing

Here are some key logical tactics for navigating the board:

  • If a 1 has an empty square next to it, that square must have the 1 mine. Use this to safely clear more squares quickly.

  • A number matching flagged mines next to it indicates all mines are found - open the remaining squares.

  • When down to guesswork, use probability to make informed guesses based on mine density.

Mental flexibility is required as the board evolves after each click. Minesweeper masters can plan many moves in advance.

Custom Difficulty Settings

Minesweeper offers multiple grid sizes and mine counts to tailor the challenge level:

  • Beginner - 9x9 board with 10 mines

  • Intermediate - 16x16 board with 40 mines

  • Expert - 16x30 board with 99 mines

The huge expert grids require serious focus and analysis to complete. Test your wits and reflexes!

The Joy of Beating Your Best Times

With the timer tracking your speed, beating personal best times feels extremely rewarding. You’ll find yourself drawn back in to shave off more seconds and achieve new records.

Compete with others on the global leaderboards for ultimate bragging rights. Minesweeper greatness awaits.

Accessible Controls

Controls are intuitive for quick picking up and playing:

  • Left click a square to reveal it

  • Right click to place/remove a flag to mark mines

  • Just point and click, no complex key combos to memorize

This simplicity enables you to focus purely on the cerebral board-solving gameplay.

Variations and Visual Improvements

This updated Minesweeper improves on the classic with fresh variations:

  • Color themes - Choose from six color palettes.

  • Texture packs - Alternate mine symbols and numbers.

  • Help features - Use hints and highlights to aid deductions.

  • Daily challenges - Special boards change each day.

The slick animated visuals make solving boards even more satisfying.

The Definitive Brain Teaser

For nearly 30 years, Minesweeper has reigned supreme in the puzzle genre. Available in your browser at unblocked games premium, this remake retains the engrossing gameplay that made the original famous. Exercise your logic skills today!

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