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Google Maps Snake Unblocked Games Premium

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Slither Through Cities in Google Maps Snake

The classic snake game enters the modern era with Google Maps Snake – available now for free gameplay at unblocked games premium. Guide your hungry serpent through real world city streets and landmarks mapped via satellite imagery.

Introducing Google Maps Snake Gameplay

Google Maps Snake sets the iconic snake formula of eating objects to grow longer in actual mapped cities like London, Sydney, and Tokyo. Using real roads and landmarks, you navigate your snake to eat location icons and score points.

The goal is to have your snake grow as large as possible without colliding into walls, obstacles, or your own tail. With so many winding paths to take, each city becomes a unique, challenging arena.

Controls: Turn and Tailor Speed

The controls are simple to pick up:

Turn – Click/tap or use arrow keys to change direction.
Speed – Scroll wheel/pinch to go faster or slower.

Master controlling your snake’s movements and speed to expertly navigate tight city blocks and avoid dead ends.

Choosing Your City

Google Maps Snake offers a variety of major metropolises to choose as your playing field, including:

London – Wind through the Thames and loop around Big Ben.
Sydney – Slither over the Harbor Bridge and Opera House.
San Francisco – Traverse sloping streets and Golden Gate Park.
Cairo – Crawl along the Nile and around pyramids.
Tokyo – Squeeze through narrow alleyways to get around skyscrapers.

Each city provides a different flavor of gameplay to enjoy. Zoom in for a greater challenge!

Satellite Maps Create Realism

Thanks to Google Maps imagery, the cities in Snake look incredibly realistic. You really feel like you’re navigating familiar streets and landmarks from above.

Colorful graphics and animation make your snake stand out against the grayscale maps. The contrast between snake and city is highly engaging.

Diverse City Icons to Gobble

As you explore, you’ll find numerous city-themed icons for your snake to consume, including:

Sushi in Tokyo
Pizza in New York
Tacos in Mexico City
Pastry in Paris

Chomping icons extends your snake while showing off local flavor. Try to eat them all!

Leaderboards for High Score Glory

See how your snake skills measure up globally by checking the Google Maps Snake leaderboards. Compare your longest snake length to other players vying for first place bragging rights.

Can you dominate the snake leaderboards for cities like Berlin, Beijing, and Sao Paulo? Accept the challenge!

Engaging Ambient Music

Google Maps Snake features minimalist, hypnotic music perfect for focusing as you maneuver your lengthy snake through streets. The pulsing tones keep your heart rate up as the action intensifies.

Unexpected Environmental Hazards

While exploring, you may encounter surprising obstacles like airplanes taking off, blimps floating by, and even skiers traversing downhill. The hazards keep gameplay excitingly unpredictable.

Modernizing a Classic Game

Blending nostalgic snake mechanics with innovative use of Google Maps, this 21st century reboot is a must-play. Slither through the world’s great cities today – only at unblocked games premium!

Google Maps Snake


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