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Bowl and Bat Your Way to Victory in Google Cricket

Feel the excitement of cricket with Google Cricket, the delightfully simple and addictive online cricket game you can play now at unblocked games premium. With its intuitive one-button controls, Google Cricket lets anyone jump right in to bowl, bat, and lead your team to the championship.

Quick Guide to Google Cricket Rules

Google Cricket follows standard cricket rules and objectives. As the bowler, pitch the ball to knock down wickets. As the batter, score runs by protecting your wickets and hitting boundaries. Each over consists of 6 balls to bowl and bat.

Reduce the opposing team's 10 wickets to zero before they chase down your run total to win. Master both bowling and batting to dominate!

Easy-to-Use Batting and Bowling Controls

Thanks to its straightforward mouse-based controls, Google Cricket is super accessible for new players:

  • Bowling is controlled by clicking/tapping and dragging the ball to aim, then releasing to pitch.

  • Time your swing as batter by clicking the mouse button when the ball is in the hitting zone.

  • No complex button combinations - just click timing and aim to succeed.

With some practice, anyone can start bowling high-speed googlies and smashing sixes like a pro.

Upgrade Your Team's Stats

As you win matches, you'll earn coins to boost your team's abilities. Make your batsmen stronger hitters, improve your bowler's speed and spin, and increase your fielders' agility to stop boundaries.

Stats upgrades are key to competing on higher difficulties. Spend coins wisely to enhance your strengths!

Vibrant Graphics and Sounds

Google Cricket comes to life with vibrant colors, cartoonish characters, and sketched visual effects. Stylish menus display your stats and options with a clean, colorful design.

When you nail a perfect cover drive or smash a stump, flashy effects and sounds liven up the action. The upbeat music fits the fast-paced fun.

Multiple Game Modes

Mix up the action by playing:

  • Quick Match - Jump into a fast-paced limited overs game

  • Tournament - Compete in a series of matches against high-level opponents

  • Time Attack - Score as many runs as you can within a time limit

  • T20 - Special quick and chaotic Twenty20 rules

Global Leaderboards

Compare your high scores with Google Cricket players worldwide on the real-time leaderboards. Climb to the top of runs scored, wickets taken, and tournaments won.

Simple, Satisfying Gameplay

With easy controls, great graphics, and fun upgrades, Google Cricket delivers an instantly enjoyable cricket experience. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn while still having plenty of depth and challenge as you advance.

Become the ultimate batter and bowler today - play Google Cricket free exclusively at unblocked games premium!

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